Thursday, May 26, 2022
NewsCrocheter creates amazing doll of Tom Daley in his trunks

Crocheter creates amazing doll of Tom Daley in his trunks

A crocheter has created an amazing doll of Tom Daley wearing trunks while holding onto his knitting kit and Team GB cardigan.

Donna Tobitt learned how to crochet during lockdown and said she was inspired by the Olympic diver’s poolside knitting skills. 

The 41-year-old, from Pudsey, West Yorkshire, spent a week creating the miniature crochet figure as a tribute to the Olympic gold medalist.

The Tom Daley doll - Sports News UK
Donna Tobitt learned how to crochet during lockdown. (C) Donna Tobitt

Images show the woolly Daley doll with incredible detail including his face covering, iconic Olympic cardigan that he knitted himself during Tokyo 2020.

Hanging from the doll’s neck is a knitted gold medal like Daley won in the men’s ten-metres synchronized diving event and a bronze medal for the men’s ten-metre platform.

Donna shared images of her Daley doll to Facebook on Monday, captioned: “Finished my Tom Daley at last. Even got a bit of knitting practice in too.

“No pattern just winged using feet from laulovescrochet and hands/jacket from the tobeytime Bernie #tomdaley #teamgb” 

Hundreds of impressed social media users have liked and commented on the post.

One user said: “He’s absolutely amazing! Well done you.”

Another exclaimed: “Absolutely love this! I hope he sees it.” 

While one added: “Fabulous! Send a pic to him!” 

Speaking today, computer technician Donna said: “It’s taken me about a week to make it on and off in the evenings after work.

Tom Daley in his jumper - Sports News UK
Tom Daley won a gold and bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics.

“Although now we’re back car sharing at work I made his arms en-route to Hull whilst my colleague drove.

“I’ve been following Tom’s ‘madewithlovebytomdaley’ Instagram page before I really knew who he was, just a humble lad bringing yarn craft into the modern century.

“He’s right in what he says, crochet and knitting is very therapeutic and occupies the mind, it’s like you’re constantly doing jigsaw puzzles and counting in your head.”

She continued: “I started crocheting myself back in April 2020 when I was put on furlough and learnt how to do the frontline hero bears, gifting friends in the NHS.

“I saw his video pop up of his cardigan and thought I’d have a go, I’d just finished making a couple of other figures using the Bernie Sanders pattern that flew around a while ago and had just learnt how to make some bare feet from a birthing mother pattern.

“I thought this might bring something in for Tom’s charity that he fundraises for The Brain Tumour Charity.

“Unfortunately between work, training and managing rugby teams at West Leeds ARLFC I only caught the highlights of the Olympics but I’m certainly now a fan.” 

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