Fighter jet that served in Gulf War listed for sale at £28,000


A RETIRED fighter jet that served in the Gulf War has gone up for sale at £28,000.

The Blackburn Buccaneer, which served from 1970 to 1994, has spent its retirement at the suitably named Buccaneer Filling Station just north of Elgin, Moray, but is now up for grabs. 

The green and grey aircraft was previously based just eight miles north in RAF Lossiemouth and features a number of unique markings which personalised the jet during its service. 

The Blackburn Buccaneer for sale | Consumer News Scotland
The aircraft served from 1970 to 1996 and even served in the gulf war.                                                         (C) Gumtree

Having given themselves a self appointed name as the Sky Pirates, the Buccaneer’s featured a black and white Jolly Roger flag on the nose of their jets. 

Accompanying the symbolic flag on the starboard nose are mission markings as well as a Glenmorangie whisky marking to signify one of the pilots tipple of choice. 

The decommissioned historical jet has now been listed for sale on Gumtree at an asking price of £28,000. 

Listed in the category “other goods” the plane was simply advertised as its model, “Buccaneer XW 530″ without any further information.

The spectacular listing was shared on Facebook yesterday with the caption: “Ever fancied buying a fighter jet?”

Hundreds of viewers comment about the rare listing – with many recognising the jet.

Mhairi Christie said: “This must be the one from the Buccaneer petrol station! If only we had the money, oh and somewhere to store it.” 

James Morrison wrote: “Sad to see this go, this aircraft beside the garage brings back so many memories.” 

The Blackburn Buccaneer for sale | Consumer News Scotland
The jet has spent its retirement at the Buccaneer Filling Station near Elgin.                                                     (C) Gumtree

Ash McKinnon said: “Does it come with instructions?”

John Mackay said: “Only if it comes with road tax and a parking permit!”

And Dave Penny added: “So what will the buccaneer garage be called after the plane is sold?” 

The Buccaneer took part in combat operations during the 1991 Gulf War. 

Following a short-notice decision to deploy, the first batch of six aircraft were made ready to deploy in under 72 hours from Lossiemouth for the Middle Eastern theatre early on 26 January 1991.

 According to the RAF, approximately 20 road bridges were destroyed by Buccaneer-supported missions, restricting the Iraqi Army’s mobility and communications.

The Gulf War, fought from 1990 to 1991, saw the largest use of British troops in a single deployment since the Second World War.

Also known as the Persian Gulf War, First Gulf War, First Iraq War and Kuwait War, the war was sparked by the actions of Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq.