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4 Unique Ways to Up Your Brand Awareness Game


In today’s business world, over-the-top brand visibility gets all the points. Simply waiting for your products and services to outshine others is not the best strategy you can have. Instead, reach out to customers proactively and create a robust brand identity that customers simply cannot miss in the urban jungle of physical and digital billboards!

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash
Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

There are several interesting ways to establish a strong brand presence, both online and offline. Getting customised corporate (or quirky) merchandise from or other similar service providers, ramping up your Twitter and Quora presence, engaging with Influencers to endorse your business, etc., are some of the fastest ways to spread the word about your company.

What is the Brand Awareness Buzz All About?

The logic is actually pretty simple. The three things any buyer looks for in a brand are:

  • How many people know of it?
  • How many times have they seen your logo around the city block (or on their social media handles)?
  • What do others think about your products/service?

A good branding strategy takes care of the first two milestones in a buyer’s journey. Let’s understand this with an example.

When you want a duplicate copy of a document, what do you do? You Xerox it! When you went online to search for tips on how to increase your brand’s presence, you Googled it. Well, these words called proprietary eponyms have replaced actual terms like Photocopy and search engines. This is the power of brand awareness!

Read on to find out unique ways to pump up your branding strategies to maximise profits. Happy Reading!

4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

  • Loyalty or Referral Programmes

Word of mouth is the best kind of promotion as it takes care of two aspects of marketing – promotion and review. Most customers are more than willing to refer or recommend your business to others if you give them some added benefits like loyalty points.

  • Local and Global Event Sponsorships

While initially, this may seem like money going out of your pockets, it gives a tremendous push to brand visibility in the long run. Choose the right events that are popular with your target audience and become a sponsor.

  • Branded Merchandise and Packaging

Think beyond the tell-tale conference pen. There is a whole world of merchandise that you can customise with your company’s branding or assets (infographics, quirky messages reflecting your company culture). Explore branded packaging for your products that are functional and can double up as fun décor items.

  • Digital Influencer Campaigns

In today’s world of #instafame, social media is the biggest platform to make your presence felt. Every brand, irrespective of its service or product line, must have a strong social media presence. Influencers can help spread your brand’s voice most effectively.

Summing Up

At least a few hundred competitors in the market are all trying to bag the same pool of customers. Even if you have the best products or services, it won’t give you the sales push you need if people aren’t aware of your brand in the first place.

Follow these four effective strategies, and you should be on the fast track to growth in no time.