Costa mocked for selling half ham sandwiches for an eye-watering £2 each


COSTA are being mocked for selling half ham sandwiches – for an eye-watering £2.
The coffee giant has recently introduced their “Simply British Ham on Buttered White Bread” sarnies in thin half sandwich packets.

Images have circulated showing the pre-packaged sandwiches with “new” written across the top.

Half ham sandwich - Consumer News UK
Costa are offering the half sandwich as part of a new range.

One image shows the unremarkable sandwich perched on a shelf at a Costa store above a £2 sign.
But social media users have criticised the cost of the basic snack that offers no additional garnishes or thrills.

An image of the product was posted on Facebook on Friday with the caption: “If you’re only a little peckish and have more money than sense, you can now grab yourself a single ham sarnie for £2 at Costa!” 
The post now has over 1,300 likes and hundreds of comments from followers brutally mocking Costa for the pricey product. 

Half ham sandwich with price tag - Consumer News UK
A price tag underneath the sarnie shows it was £2.

Andre Sewell said: “Half a sandwich for £2.. Costa can f*** off” 
Alex Tofari said: “Costa fortune”. 
Mandi Nicholls said: “Waste of packaging! Waste of money!” 
And Lauren Wendy Capulet added: “£2? You can buy some ham and a loaf of bread for less lmao”.
An 800 gram full loaf of Kingsmill White Medium Bread costs 79p from Tesco with a Clubcard. 
The supermarket’s Wafer Thin Brunswick ham comes in at £1.70 for 125 grams.