Thursday, May 19, 2022
BusinessStart up Scottish rum producer sells 1000th bottle

Start up Scottish rum producer sells 1000th bottle

A START up Scottish spiced rum producer has hit a huge milestone, selling its 1000th bottle mere months after its initial launch.

The founders of Brass Neck Rum, which is distilled in Scotland, say they are ready to play a defining role in making Scotland a hub for global rum production.

With a predicted boost in rum sales around the world, the trio are fired up for what they have dubbed a ‘rumnaissance’.

Freddy Ducquer Pouring Brass Neck Rum - Food and Drink News Scotland
Co-founder Freddy Ducquer, 31, pouring Brass Neck’s Spiced Rum

The founders started their project in late 2019 and while the Covid-19 lockdown did prove to be a setback, it did not derail the self-funded start-up.

Co-founder Freddy Drucquer believes that due to the boom of Scottish gin production over the past decade, rum has the potential to exceed this success.

“There are now at least 25 serious rum brands in Scotland, which is another sign of how rum is mirroring the explosion we saw in gin production a few years ago. What’s great about all of these different brands is that they are a real community”.

Premium rums like Brass Neck are most popular with drinkers aged 25-34.

Brass Neck bottle design - Food and Drink News Scotland
Brass Neck’s Spiced Rum

The bottle features a brass neck, while the label, designed by a Glasgow based tattoo artist, shows a fox in a brass collar breaking its chains, against the backdrop of a Scottish cityscape.

Mr Ducquer continued, “We’re particularly pleased with how the branding is resonating with our target market. You’ve got to have a brass neck to make a sunshine spirit like rum right here in Scotland, despite our climate.”

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