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NewsAdorable video shows almost 100 geese running along in orderly line before...

Adorable video shows almost 100 geese running along in orderly line before hopping in pond

AN ADORABLE video shows around 100 geese running along in a line together before jumping into a lake.

Becky Barratt captured the incredible footage as the speedy gaggle of geese at Cleethorpes Boating Lake in Lincolnshire last month.

The 36-year-old and her family burst out laughing when they spotted the enthusiastic birds waddling together in a mesmerising line.

The clip begins as dozens of mallards are shown bobbing along the path in an orderly fashion heading towards the nearby water.

More feathered friends then continue to follow as they form an orderly queue ready to hop in for a swim.

Becky and her family can be heard in fits of laughter as they watch the gaggle descend on the lake.

The mum-of-two shared the video on a local Facebook group later on that day (JUL 26) leaving viewers in stitches.

She captioned the clip: “Someone from our local wildlife group asked me to add this to here. 

“Enjoy it, one of if not the BEST video I’ve taken wildlife wise.”

The clip has collected almost 800 likes and more than 300 comments from humoured followers.

The picture shows hundreds of geese - Nature News UK
AN ADORABLE video shows around 100 ducks running along in a line together before jumping into a lake.

Laura Ann Bennett said: “The ones that open their wings running down the hill. I love it.” 

Joanne Houghton said: “Aw that’s awesome. I was half expecting to see a border collie herding them towards the lake, not gonna lie.”

Shereen Alankar said: “Oh wow, that’s amazing. What a big family.” 

Susan Keeble said: “That’s amazing. Isolation over!”

And Laurene Cartwright wrote: “Wow. Never seen that before.”

Speaking today Becky said: “We had taken two loads of bread and fed them at the entrance then we continued to walk our dog Frank around the boating lake.

“As we went to cross the bridge my son Ronnie and daughter Georgia noticed that the geese were following us and we were overwhelmed by the fact that they were running, down the ramp , wings out and in a line. 

“It was so funny and of course so cute to see. They looked like they were having loads of fun.

“Even when they got in the water they stayed in a line. It was amazing to watch.

“The boating lake is known for the geese and ducks but I’ve never ever seen them running like that with their wings out and in a line.” 

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