Scots islander finds thousands of midges trying to get into home


A HORRIFYING video shows thousands of ravenous midges trying to get into a Scots home.

Iain Martin captured the massive swarm outside his house in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis on Tuesday. 

The 48-year-old tour guide said he is used to seeing midges in the area but was taken aback by the huge amount that had descended onto his home.

Iain shared the skin crawling footage on Tuesday captioned: “On my way over to the house just this minute and this catches my eye. 

“Never seen the like before. People were saying the midges weren’t too bad this year! 

“They are more than making up for it now.” 

The clip shows Iain’s windowsill covered in thousands of buzzing beasties.

Thick clusters of the irritating insects are shown clustering together as they cover thick areas of the window frame.

The shocking post collected over 100 likes and dozens of comments from social media users who were horrified by the footage. 

Dolina Harris joked: “Not enough tourists to feed on this year.” 

Louis Chautems said: “That is making my skin crawl.” 

James Alexander joked: “Are you trying to deter tourists?” 

Grant Hilton added: “They might fly away with your hoose” 

They congregated on the window sill - Scottish Nature News
The thousands of ravenous midges trying to get into a Scots home. (C) Seaforth Harris Tweed

Speaking today: “I had just come from my weaving shed around midnight to find that on my window. 

“It’s not the worst but it’s the worst I’ve seen for a long time.” 

Iain runs a small business on the Hebridean island called Seaforth Harris Tweed so is seasoned to the wild weather and the influx of midges.

Midge expert Dr Blackwell said: “This year there’s due to be a bigger hatch than ever of Scotland’s famous highland midge.

“Each year the season is becoming even longer.”

Midge season in Scotland typically lasts from the end of May to September.