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7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Mattress In 2021

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Shopping is a fun thing to do, especially if you are buying for yourself. It can be more exciting if you know what to purchase. Moreover, looking for a mattress to buy is somewhat confusing, especially if the beds look alike. Still, if you know which bed to take, it will be easier to purchase a mattress. However, why is there a need to buy a bed?

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash
Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

You should know that sleeping is an important activity of the body. Sleeping is the time where the body can recharge and be well-rested. Fortunately, a mattress can significantly help adjust your body for adequate spine support when you are sleeping. If you are out to shop, here are a few things to remember.

Is it time to finally buy a new mattress?

Beds are made to be very durable so that they can last for a long time. Depending on the brand, their average lifespan is eight years. Also, mattresses can cost you a lot. So, when shopping for a mattress, it would be best to thoroughly deliberate if it is finally time to purchase a new one. Look for signs of old age, such as wear and tear. Also, be mindful if your bed starts to creak loudly. It might be calling for your attention.

What type of bed should you consider?

Several types of mattresses are available in stores. They are made of other materials that offer support to different body types. Getting the best mattress 2021 has to offer would be a great addition or replacement for your old mattress.

To start, this traditional mattress, the innerspring bed, offers excellent support. With its firm mattress, it can help you sleep with ease while having your spine aligned properly throughout the night. As a result, you will not experience any muscle pain when you wake up in the morning  because of the lack of support.

Meanwhile, the memory foam is on the softer side. Despite that, it does not come short of providing adequate support. Instead, it has the conforming quality that hugs your body outline to help you sleep comfortably. The mattress will mold your body perfectly so you can sleep soundly.

The innerspring is made out of coils. Hence, the bounciness of its mattress. However, memory foam is made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam that excellently reacts well with heat and pressure. Each type of mattress has different qualities but provides different levels of support and comfort to people.

Additionally, if you are interested in the two beds, you can consider a hybrid mattress. The hybrid mattress will offer you the best qualities of innerspring and memory foam. You will get to lay on top of a bouncy bed that provides a body-contouring ability. Hence, it will feel like laying on top of an innerspring bed and memory foam simultaneously. If money is not the issue, hybrid mattresses can be your best candidate.

What is the condition of your room?

If you are buying a bed for your room, you will need to consider the area where you will be placing your mattress. Having a small room with a vast bed may not give you enough space to walk around. It is also the same with a big room and a smaller bed. It will result in an imbalance in the interior.

Though having a vast bed can be a comfortable thought, deciding based on that alone can cause problems. So, before you finally decide what size of bed to buy, make sure to assess your room first.

What is your body type?

Another factor that you should consider when purchasing a bed is your body type. In simple terms, your body type can help direct what kind of support you will need. Also, a firm bed may not suit slim and petite people. It may be too hard on their body, and it can cause muscle pain. However, a softer mattress for heavier people may sink them. As a result, the soft bed can not provide the support to align their spine correctly.

What is your sleeping position?

Aside from your body type, your sleeping position can also be a deciding factor in buying your bed. The reason for this is so that the bed can provide you the support that your body needs with your usual natural sleeping position.

Side sleepers may need a softer mattress to help cushion their shoulders and hips. Meanwhile, a firmer bed will suit well for back sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach, you should consider a mattress that can confirm your body and is hard enough to support still and align your back.

What are the suggestions of your doctor?

If you suffer from neck and back problems, it would be best to connect with your healthcare provider. Your doctors know best what your body needs. They may not be able to provide the same bed that you need, but they can give you suggestions on which qualities of the bed that you will need to find. Do not hesitate to contact them, especially if you are experiencing any problems.

Does it fit your budget?

Lastly, if you now have any mattresses in mind, you must set your budget to narrow your decisions. Budgeting is an important factor when shopping for a mattress. Aside from helping you look for a bed within the price range, it also promotes saving.

If you are out shopping, you can look around and check for the mattress you like and find a bed that fits your set price range. Budgeting will be more effective if you are firm with your decision. Even so, having a flexible budget is also okay.


You can make buying a mattress more enjoyable if you have tips and a list of things to follow when out shopping. You do not have to be too strict in considering which mattress to purchase. Still, keep in mind to not compromise your health for aesthetics. Make sure to buy a bed that makes you feel perfectly comfortable.


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