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EntertainmentNewsRuddy Muddy creates unique tribute to Charlie Watts and Sean Connery

Ruddy Muddy creates unique tribute to Charlie Watts and Sean Connery

AN ARTIST has created a unique tribute to Charlie Watts and Sean Connery by crafting their incredibly detailed portraits on the back of a mud covered van. 

Ricky Minns, best known as Ruddy Muddy for his exceptional mud art, finished the masterpiece on Wednesday. 

The 46-year-old decided to craft the portraits after 80-year-old former Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away on Tuesday.

Ruddy Muddy tribute to Charlie Watts | Art News UK
Ricky decided to create the tribute after the former Rolling Stones star’s passing on Tuesday.                   (C) Ruddy Muddy

Ricky, from Wymondham, Norfolk also thought it would be fitting to simultaneously pay respects to former Bond actor Sean Connery as he would have turned 91 on Wednesday. 

The impressive artwork shows Charlie holding his drum sticks up as he looks out into the distance, as if looking over a filled stadium once more. 

Below him are the words: “RIP Charlie Watts.”

Sean is on the right-hand side of the van where below him reads: “Happy Birthday Sean Connery, RIP.” 

Ricky shared his impressive tribute on Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “Another sad day. Music and film always play a big part in my life so I just had to do this. RIP Charlie Watts. 

“Charlie had a huge impact on so many musicians and music wouldn’t be the same without influences so strong.” 

The post has now received over 600 likes with dozens of comments from users who loved the tribute.

Joann Fisher said: “Brilliant. The work you do is fantastic. Lovely tribute to two legends. Keep up the good work.”

Trace Driver wrote: “Beautiful work as always.”

Courtney King replied: “Lovely work. Been a tough week.”

Suzy Howarth commented: “Thank you Ruddy, Charlie Watts was my idol from day one of the Rolling Stones when I was 14! What a brilliant drummer. RIP Charlie.”

Artist Ruddy Muddy | Art News UK
The unique art also pays homage to Sean Connery who’s 91st birthday would have been on Wednesday. (C) Ricky Minns

Speaking today Ricky said: “Music and film play a large part in my life. Film for down time and music for pretty much everything. 

“Charlie Watts was one of those musicians that inspired many and that, I feel, transcends more than even the music the Stones produced. 

“One of my good friends is a drummer and that has helped me appreciate the skill it requires. 

“With both these facts considered I just had to do a picture of him. 

“A legend of music alongside a legend of film whose life I had already paid tribute to on his passing.

“Tribute pics are always emotional. I try to read online comments in memory to get a feel for what picture may be best.” 

Ricky has become an online hit for his unique portraits and has created detailed tributes and artwork of many actors, singers and comedians. 

Ricky hit the headlines after creating a spectacular and fitting tribute to Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh following his passing in April. 

More recently, the Ruddy Muddy page went viral when creating a heartfelt tribute to comedian Sean Lock who passed away earlier this month after losing his battle with cancer. 

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