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How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Software

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Sports betting is booming, and modern technologies make launching a business quick and easy. If you are thinking of opening your own betting platform, go for it! Here are the essentials of choosing the underlying software.

The most expensive approach is building a platform from scratch. It takes months and requires substantial capital (from $200,000 to $3 million!). With white label systems, you will pay a fraction of this cost and get a fully featured product tailored to your brand. For example, sports betting software from may be rebranded as you like.

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The Concept of White Label

The term reflects the ease of rebranding (hence the empty or blank label). You may have noticed that many betting websites look similar. This is because they are built on templates that are then fine-tuned to each client’s requirements. This does not mean your platform will not look unique — everything depends on your requirements, just don’t be sloppy!

How to Choose a Provider

The industry is fiercely competitive, so the software can make or break a bookie. Choose your partner carefully considering different aspects of user experience, front end and back end. Here are the most important considerations.

1.   Reputation and Portfolio

Contemporary bettors are extremely demanding, as they have so much choice. Make sure the company will really deliver on its promises and produce a high-quality product with seamless transactions and flawless UX. You can find professional reviews from experts who monitor software developers. Look for a decent mix of four and five-star ratings.

2.   The Necessary Features

Your site should provide diverse options in terms of bets and payment methods. Ideally, both pre-match and live betting should be supported. You may also expand your offerings by adding casino games. By attracting gamblers, you can get the best of both worlds.

3.   Easy Management

Top packages come with all the necessary administrative tools. These include flexible reporting, monitoring of games and limits, player management, multilingual interface, etc.

4.   Range of Sports

Obviously, the more sports you include the bigger your potential audience and profits. Within each category, bettors must be able to choose from various tournaments and events. The basic range includes American, Brazilian, European and Japanese leagues. In terms of European football, consider local and international tournaments. Esports are also worth considering.

5.   Security and Support

Users must know that their data and deposits stay perfectly safe on your site. Find out how your partner prevents unauthorized access. Responsive customer service and B2B support are also mandatory. 

To Conclude

The biggest difficulty in establishing a betting site is finding the right software partner. The firm must have a stellar reputation and an impressive portfolio of successful projects. Make sure you can offer a broad range of sports, bets, and payment methods.

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