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Bride divides opinion over “shame table” for guests who didn’t RSVP

A “SAVAGE” bride-to-be‘s idea to create a “shame table” for guests who didn’t RSVP and charge them for food has divided opinion online. 

The relentless bride took to Facebook on Monday to ask if her idea to put a foldable table together for unexpected guests was “too mean”.

She explains her idea, saying that “if we have a food truck they will need to buy their own food”. 

Shame table post - wedding news
The woman explained her plan for a “Shame Table” on Facebook.

However, if each guest is given a plate to themselves, those who didn’t RSVP simply “won’t have food”. 

The bride defended her position by saying that her family is the type to invite people without asking her permission first.

The woman posted her suggestion on a Facebook wedding group to gauge the reaction from other future brides.

The proposal was met with a mixed reaction, with some loving the idea saying they were going to have their own “wedding crasher” table to others who branded it “rude”.

The full post read: “Is this too mean?

“I am thinking of putting a shame table lol.

“It won’t be decorated, might be one of the foldable tables with a name card that says ‘I didn’t RSVP but still wanted to come’ (or still wanted to celebrate to make it less mean).

“If we have a food truck they will need to buy their own food.

“If we have plate for each person (who RSVP) they won’t have food.

RSVP no courtesy - wedding news
One comment suggested people who don’t RSVP don’t deserve the “same courtesy”.

“My family is the type to invite everyone without permission.”

She later updated the post, adding: “I wouldn’t call the table a shame table (more of a joke) it will have a cloth on top but it’ll be for everyone who didn’t RSVP as such. 

“I appreciate that I shouldn’t shame them, I just don’t want to pay for extra food.

Dozens of group members commented on the post, with strong opinions expressed for both sides of the argument. 

One user said: “Can you call it the ‘wedding crashers table’?”

Another commented: “Honestly, that’s rude and very unclassy”.

Another replied: “Yes it’s too mean.

“Your guests have lives. They may have to cancel last minute, they might not be able to RSVP because of reasons unknown to you.

“Don’t be that person.” 

little savage comment - wedding news
One reply called the bride-to-be a “little savage”.

Another added: “I wouldn’t even bother to set up a table of shame; (at least, not until the last minute, if necessary, if at all.) 

“They shouldn’t be expecting the same courtesy as everyone else, who did RSVP. LOL!”

Another said: “It is mean but I love it! Lol. It’s so rude not to RSVP and then show up.” 

Another commented: “I love this idea and may even use it… a little more subtly though; I’m not as savage as you. 

“I think maybe just adding an extra table and not including them in the paid meal will suffice… for me anyway!” 

Another simply added: “You little savage, you”.

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