Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Frustrated resident called out after writing brutal message on wheelie bin

A FRUSTRATED resident has been called out by locals online after writing a brutal message to waste collectors demanding that they “take our f***ing rubbish”. 

The wheelie bin, on Dalrymple Road in Brockley, south-east London, was snapped by local Thom Durrant on Monday. 

The drummer for indie band Volleyball was walking past and stopped in his tracks after noticing the sharply worded demand. 

Bin with x-rated message - Sanitation News UK
The bin had a savage message on it.                                                                                                     (C) Thom Durrant

The 32-year-old captured a photograph of the foul mouthed message written in white marker on the black bin.

The brutal message reads: “Take our f***ing rubbish! 

“Getting paid ain’t you?” 

Thom posted the picture on Facebook on Tuesday in a local Facebook group. 

The post now has over 600 likes, with just under 100 people commenting on the savage remark. 

Vanessa Marie said: “That bin’s going to be lobbed into that person’s front room before long.” 

Eleanor Fry commented: Rule 1: DON’T F*** WITH THE BIN MEN”.

David Dion joked: “That’s rubbish”. 

Ewa Joni added: “The bin Gods do as they please!” 

Dalrymple Road - Sanitation News UK
The bin was snapped on Dalrymple Road.

Speaking today, Thom said: “I walked past and had to do a double take.

“The phrase ‘trash-talk’ came into my head.

“I had a feeling it would go down well which was why I took the pic.

“I kinda felt sorry for the people who wrote it, and the refuse collectors. 

“The pandemic’s been tough on people’s mental health but nothing justifies lowering the tone on your bin to swearing, on a road where kids walk down. 

“I’ve lived here ten years and never had an issue with collection, unless we’ve very obviously put things in the wrong bins or they’re hugely overflowing.”

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