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Top StoriesHoliday park staff baffled after campers leave behind cast iron bath

Holiday park staff baffled after campers leave behind cast iron bath

HOLIDAY park staff were shocked when visitors left behind an unusual item at their campsite – a cast iron bath.

Staff at Forest Glade Holiday Park in Cullompton, Devon couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted the heavy white bath left outside a tent last weekend.

The culprit dumped the dirty six foot long bath right outside another camper’s tent in the Five Acre Field area of the site over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Cast iron bath - Holiday News UK
A cast iron bath was left at Forest Glade Holiday Park.

Holiday park workers managed to move it somewhere safe but said it was the most unusual item that has ever been left behind before.

Social media users have been left in stitches over the abandoned bath, with many joking how it had put a new spin on the term taking “everything but the kitchen sink”.

Posting an image of the bizarre discovery on Facebook yesterday, Forest Glade Holiday Park wrote: “We’ve had some unusual items left behind over the years but this probably wins top prize.

“If you left a cast iron bath in the Five Acre Field last weekend please come back and collect it.  

“We’ve moved it somewhere safe for you.”

Over 200 social media users commented on the post after finding the incident hilarious.

Emily Johns said: “Those things cost a fortune! Also, how did they move it?”

Paul Kít?hén wrote: “I know some take everything but the kitchen sink…. But that’s a new one.”

Chris Booker said: “Who has the space to pack the bath when going camping. Best thing I’ve read all week.”

Five Acre Field site - Holiday News UK
The bath was left in the Five Acre Field site.

Bella Christina Elizabeth commented: “This takes ‘Glamping’ to a whole new level.”

And Angela Broom Ha ha love it. Makes us see the phrase “amenities open” in a different light.”

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