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Amazing video shows rabbit and stoat rolling around in tussle across road

AN AMAZING video shows a rabbit and stoat rolling around in an intense tussle across a busy Scots road.
Emma Killicoat managed to capture the incredible footage of the two animals in combat in Ellon, Aberdeenshire two weeks ago.
The 33-year-old swimming instructor and sports coach was shocked to stumble across the fighting animals.


Loud, high-pitched squeals can be heard coming from the stoat and rabbit as they ferociously fight for survival.
The stoat manages to grab the rabbit in its teeth before dragging it across the road.
It then negotiates a small dyke before bouncing around with the panicked rabbit still in its teeth. 
However, the stoat appears to stumble over the kerb causing the pair to crash at the side of the road. 
The rabbit then manages to break free from the stoat’s grip before the pair sprint off in separate ways. 
Emma posted the video on Facebook on Saturday with the caption: “Whilst out walking by the meadows last week I saw this, is it a stoat?” 
The post now has just under 100 likes, with dozens of people commenting on the chance encounter. 
Ann Taylor said: “Well done, nature at work, saved the rabbit.” 
Kel Kemp commented: “Holy hell.That’s a crazy video.”

Rabbit and Stoat on road - Wildlife News Scotland
The stoat carried the rabbit across the road.                                                                                         (C) Emma Killicoat

Vicki Brown replied: “I hate hearing rabbits squeal. Amazing video though.”
Barry Gault added: “Brilliant video”. 
Speaking today, Emma, an Ellon local, said: “I was out walking along Meadows Way in Ellon near the River Ythan. 
“I heard the noise first and saw them run across in front of me before going over the wall. 
“That’s when I began the video.
“Initially I thought it was a squirrel and a rabbit chasing each other then realised it was something quite different. 
“I was intrigued as to what it was.

Rabbit escapes stoat - Wildlife News Scotland
The rabbit managed to escape and hopped to freedom.                                                                          (C) Emma Killicoat

“Then I realised it was something quite unique and naturally thought I should film it to try and find out what it was.”

According to the Woodland Trust, Rabbits are a stoat’s favoured prey, even though they can be more than five times their size.

Stoats are reputed to ‘dance’ in a bid to mesmerise rabbits.

They have been observed leaping and thrashing around in a motion that appears to hypnotise their prey. 

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