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Best Shop fronts Signage Ideas & Buying guide

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Now you can give Your Business A Brand New Facelift With Shop Front Signage! 

For centuries shopfront fitters have been coming up with creative ideas to fulfill demands of the shop owners in London or for that matter anywhere in the world.

In simple words, shopfront signage brings a new makeover to your business. If you want to promote your already established business or a new one, fostering it with its brand name is of utmost essential.

Another feature that can boost your business brand is making use of varieties of shop fronts such as Aluminium shopfronts and doors, Toughened glass, Automatic Doors, P.A Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, and Commercial Glazing, etc. This can not only lay out a magnificent look to your storefront but also provides security to your business.

This not only highlights the business name in the market but also enables people to easily recognize the products and services offered by the company. One of the simplest ways of making your business recognized is by having well-designed storefront signage.

The store signs are not only suitable for retail stores, factories, or offices, but also large shopping malls, industries, etc. These signboards are made with a variety of materials such as acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic, foamcore, Medium Density Overlay Plywood (MDO), Aluminium Composite material (ACM).

There are many things that need to be considered before creating the signage such as location, type of material to be used, font style and size, colors, contrast, etc. There are many options available for store signage, from beautifully designed light up signs to simple prints on a flat panel:

  1. Fascia Signage:

The classic component on the front of the retail store is the streak. It should be concise, and visible to the people on the road, sidewalk pedestrians, and on the other side of the road. Fascia Signage can appear in different looks:

  • As a simple flat panel signage with 3-dimensional or flat graphics;
  • As a lightbox.
  1. Under Awning Signage:

This component of retail shop fronts is suspended beneath your awning. It is positioned to lure the customer’s attention, especially the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. These normally consist of either:

  • A double-sided lightbox
  • A hanging frame with either a flat or folded panel on both sides.

The graphics used on the under-awning signage can be done in print, cut vinyl, or 3D laser cut acrylic but, however, it is recommended to consider the location first. Your area determines what kind of signage will suit your storefront. These signs are pretty much straightforward, and it’s best to just keep it simple. 

  1. Front Window Signage

Front window signage is the ideal way to add creativity to glass and glazing. In other words, window graphics are signage attached directly to a window for advertising products. It can take the form of branding, advertising, imagery, or text. 

Front window signage or window graphics is made from a type of film that clings onto glass without damaging it. Variety of types, styles, and sizes due to which it can be fully customized based on the business and customer’s needs.

For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you will expect people to gaze at the displayed clothing showcased in your storefront. On the other hand, if you are working in an office complex, you may want more privacy. 

Various options for front window signage are:

  • Laser cut acrylic logo on the glass (such as shopping center retail outlets)
  • Decorative feature window vinyl
  • One-way vision window prints
  • A visibility strip to comply with building regulations.
  1. Door Signage

Your front door sign is the last thing people see before entering your business place. In some cases, it’s likely the only area you can use for your company’s branding. So, it is important to understand what you want and what to consider. Commonly user door signage options include:

  • Company logo
  • Trading hours
  • Contact details
  • Street number if it’s not already located on the building.

Other popular shopfront signage choices include:

  • Building painting and signwriting
  • Outdoor poster cases, blackboards or menu boards
  • Flags and banners.

Reasons to get a Shopfront Signage? 

Signage is an immensely versatile business tool that can serve thousands of purposes. It can serve as a visual solution to numerous business problems such as wayfinding, sales, brand recognition, and competitive advantage, etc.

For example, if you are an owner of a service provider related business such as restaurant, beauty salon then a shop sign can serve you with numerous benefits such as :

  1. Getting Noticed

Your business signage can help to draw attention towards your business by distinguishing your store from your competitors.

  1. Getting a Perception

People visiting your store for the first time would get a perception or idea about the type of shop you have, by viewing your shop signage. These business signs have the advantage due to their high visibility at night.

  1. Strengthening your Brand 

Businesses that provide quality services and products will always showcase their brand. They do this by using different marketing media strategies. Also, having eye-catching shopfront signage can strengthen your business brand and aid you in building a good and long-lasting reputation.

  1. Affordable Marketing Tool

A shopfront sign designed with the brand name while adding important information such as adding attractive and unique offers can act as an effective marketing tool for promoting the products and services of your business. 

This is one of the economic ways of promoting a brand and getting magnificent results. This strategy is much cheaper than using newspaper ads and billboards. It not only grabs the attention of the people but also helps to make a lifelong impression.

  1. Increases your Overall Revenue

According to the studies, a well-sustained shop front sign can not only create a majestic look of a business but also enables the owner to earn a good amount of profit from it.

How can Signage promote your business to grow?

Branding is an effective marketing strategy that directly reflects your business identity. Signage impacts as a sure way of passing the message and reaching a bigger audience. It is one of the useful means of stimulating marketing engagement.

Your business is more than the logo, products, and services. It engages you in  acquiring a wider experience of how you promote your business will determine how your customers will interact with you.

  • Builds Brand Awareness

Signage is a very critical component in amazingly driving your brand awareness. The greater the recognition your brand has, the easier it will be to connect with more people. 

This encourages a feeling of connection with your customers which results in repeat purchases in your business. For example, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are two brands that use signage to their full capability to attract potential customers.

  1. Enhances Communication

Signs enhance communication rather than just imparting the information. It happens when passing by customers gaze at the shopfront signage. They make certain assumptions about a business according to the quality and attractiveness of the storefront signs. 

Such assumptions make the business owners understand how the customers will figure out the quality of a brand’s products or services. Also, when business signage is complemented with a wayfinding design, your brand exposure increases. 

This results in greater opportunities for your business to allure more customers. Similarly, poor or low-quality signage can dissuade the customers from engaging with your business.

  1. Increases sale opportunities

Well-designed, quality signage can generate more sales. To enhance your business sales opportunities it is of utmost importance to place your signage in the right locations. 

For example, the checkout counter can direct customers and inspire additional purchases.

  1. Provides a Competitive Advantage

It can be very challenging for any business to stand out in a sea of companies. But signage can work wonders. It will make the customers choose your business over your competitors. A creative and unique storefront sign can attract more buyers to your store from a distance.

Also, location plays a vital role in providing your business a competitive edge. Your wayfinding signage should be placed at a higher level in a high-traffic location to proximate your brand’s physical presence.

  1. It’s an Affordable Marketing Tool 

Signs are also an essential and economical component of marketing strategy. Consistency should be paramount while using signs as a marketing tool. Also using the same fonts, colors, and themes persistently will help your brand become more observable.

Not only this, but also it is visible 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. This will also allow customers to start a relationship with your business which in turn, will also increase your brand loyalty, unlike billboards and newspaper advertisements.


Being identifiable and building brand awareness through appropriate building signs, banners, wallpapers should be just as it plays a paramount role. Every shopfront signage has certain specifications such as a way of writing, location, etc that tends to draw more customers to your store:

  • Consistency: 

Everything from letterheads, business cards to building signs, banner flags should be the same including colors, font size, style of lettering, etc. This maintains the brand identity. 

  • Contrast:

The key is using bright colors with significant contrast paired with simple lettering that imparts a clear message about your business. This combination makes a brilliant and eye-catchy building signage that grabs the attention of the passersby.

Also, you can add other three things such as color, light, and movement to your storefront sign that makes it more noticeable to the buyers. This is because people will notice your business sign subconsciously more easily and fastly before their mind catches up. For example, using two contrasting colors such as red and white or black and green. 

Another astounding feature that can be added to your signage is lighting like using a neon sign, lightbox, or adding led strips or downlights. 

  • Size

Getting noticed or being found is also one of the different tactics used in local marketing strategies. For example, if your business is located on the main road, you can make use of a large pylon sign to notice your business from a far distance.

  • Employing a Good Offer

Employing building signage can enhance your general brand awareness. But if you add a unique offer to your brand awareness sign it can work wonders for your business. This can double the interested customer attention to your store. 

For example, adding offers such as something unique to your business and interesting to your customers. These can act as the building blocks for the perfect sign.

  • Keep it Simple

Write down everything you want your customer to know in your signage. But be cautious, you need to add only clear and important information which will grab your customer’s attention. The key is knowing how to make your building signage stand out for your business. 


Did you find the listed strategies in this article useful for creating creative shop front signage ideas? If yes, then leave a comment below. You can also contact our shopfront contractors in London for expert advice.

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