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NewsCrafty wife dupes husband into cleaning their windows after weeks of asking...

Crafty wife dupes husband into cleaning their windows after weeks of asking – by booking in a slot with his cleaning company

A CRAFTY wife duped her husband into cleaning their windows after weeks of asking by booking in a slot with his cleaning company.

Jodie Morris was tired of asking her window cleaner husband Adrian to clean their own windows so took matters into her own hands yesterday.

The 27-year-old, from Witham, Essex, messaged Adrian’s work to make sure the 31-year-old couldn’t get out of visiting their home to clean their dirty windows.

Adrian appeared to be completely unaware that one of his slots for the day was his own house.

Marketing manager Jodie even received an automated message from Adrian’s work phone confirming that he would be visiting yesterday afternoon.

Adrian only realised that he had been tricked by his wife when he arrived at their home.

He immediately FaceTime’d Jodie, who was at work at the time, and branded her a “tool” before finally giving in and cleaning their windows.

Adrian at work in his window cleaning business- UK News
Adrian is a window cleaner by trade, but avoided his own windows at home                                                 (C) Jodie Morris

Jodie posted about the prank on Facebook yesterday as she was waiting for her oblivious partner to arrive.

She wrote: “When you’re sick of your window cleaner husband not cleaning your windows so put your address and number on the system. Wonder when he’ll realise it’s our house…”.

Alongside the post was a screenshot of the text message she received from Adrian’s work phone, reading: “Good evening.

“I will be over tomorrow to do your windows if you have a gate please leave it unlocked for me many thanks Adrian (APD Window Cleaning)”.

The post has gained over 17,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments from social media users who were left in stitches by the crafty plan.

One woman wrote: “My husband is a window cleaner and I pay someone else to do mine or they’d never get done.”

Another added: “Hilarious as this is my husband. Yes he’s a window cleaner. NO my windows are not clean!”

And another member of the group wrote: “That’s hilarious and bloody genius.

“Wishing my partner had a handyman business now.”

The couple actually met years ago when Adrian was cleaning Jodie’s windows.

Adrian, the window cleaner and his wife Jodie - UK News
Newlyweds Adrian and Jodie met five years ago                                                                                        (C) Jodie Morris

Speaking today, Jodie said: “I actually met Adrian five years ago, as he was my window cleaner. I kind of expected free window cleans when we started dating.

“He did it for about three months, then that was it.

“We got married last weekend and I thought that’s it, I’m putting our address on the system.

“He never reads the addresses, he literally just copies and pastes them into his sat-nav.

“He sends a text to let his customers know when he’s on route.”

“It’s his birthday today too, the poor sod. When I remembered, I actually felt a bit bad.”

Text from Adrian after arriving at house - UK News
Adrian was unimpressed by his wife’s prank                                                                                              (C) Jodie Morris

Upon arriving at the house and finally realising he was duped, Adrian sent a text to his wife, simply saying: “You’re an absolute tool.”

Jodie added: “He was sitting outside on our bench fuming, but he cleaned them!”

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