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Hilarious images show stag knocking over “please do not feed me” sign

HILARIOUS images show a furious stag knocking over a “please do not feed me” sign.
Linda Donnelly captured a series of images yesterday as the angry stag, known locally as Callum, headbutted the post and sign at Torridon in the Scottish Highlands.

Callum is well known in the area but was not impressed when he spotted the sign post showing an image of a stag alongside the warning sign.

Stag headbutting sign - Wildlife News Scotland
The stag struck the sign with his head.                                                                                                 (C) Linda Donnelly

Linda, 54, was in the Beinn Eighe car park when the resident red deer stag approached the wooden sign which read: “Please do not feed me or get too close! 
“If I get startled I could catch you with my antlers or hooves.” 
Callum then looks directly into the camera while standing next to the sign, appearing to be posing with it.

The stag then swings his head back and batters into the sign with his antlers before pushing into it.

After a few hard shoves Callum manages to knock the entire sign and post to the ground.
He then looks down at his efforts and appears to be satisfied that he managed to topple it. 
Linda, a land surveying company owner from Boldon Colliery, County Durham, shared the images on Facebook yesterday with the caption: “Funniest thing yet on this holiday. 
“This is what Callum thinks of the sign.” 
The post now has over hundreds of likes and comments from social media users who were impressed by Callum’s antics.

Stag with knocked over sign - Wildlife News Scotland
The stag then looked down triumphantly at his work.                                                                             (C) Linda Donnelly

Karen Marriott said “Haha that’s brilliant.” 
Carla Tunget commented: “I’d be pretty p***ed off as well if people were being told not to feed me because I might get too close, which is true but that’s not the point”. 
Glen Kirkby replied: “All I know is he likes fruit scones” with four crying with laughter emojis. 
And Karen Broadley added: “He deserves a treat for that”. 
Speaking today (TUE), Linda said: “We were stopped when he came wandering in. 
“We were parked right next to the sign and couldn’t believe it. 
“We have just left and he’s still standing waiting for food which obviously we wouldn’t do as I know these are wild animals.
“I was out taking photos but got a call I had to take so my husband grabbed his phone and took the rest from the car.

Don't feed stags sign - Wildlife News Scotland
The sign warned tourists and locals not to feed stags or get too close.                                                     (C) Linda Donnelly

“Apparently he goes there a lot and is well known.”

Last year, the Scottish SPCA issued a warning to members of the public not to feed the stags as they can be unpredictable.

Chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “We would not recommend that anyone handfeed stags or any wild animal.

“They are wild creatures and can be aggressive, especially during rutting, when they have young or feel threatened.

“A stag does not have any concept of the size and strength of its own antlers and these can be dangerous.”

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