Scots nursery worker who grabbed child by the cheeks struck off


A SCOTS nursery worker has been struck off after grabbing a child by the cheeks before saying “she better watch it”.
The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found that Josh Doherty, who worked at Little Flowers Nursery in Renfrew, also shouted at the same child “why are you crying?
“That’s it we’ve had enough and I’m going to be speaking to your mum.”

Josh Doherty - Scottish Care News
Josh Doherty was struck off the SSSC register.                                                                                        (C) Josh Doherty

Before grabbing the child’s face, Doherty, 20, told her ““you need to stop this, this is ridiculous”. 
The trainee practitioner, who now works at KFC, said to a colleague in reference to the child: “See her, she’s one for the watching. She better watch it.
“That crying business, she just puts that on”. 
Doherty also shouted at another child: “No, you will be in my group whether you like it or not”. 
And he told a third child: “If you dare leave this room, I swear to God”. 

All three incidents happened in the space of two days in September 2020.
After a hearing, the SSSC today said in their report: “The panel considered that your conduct amounted to physical and verbal abuse of children and that your communication with the children was inappropriate.
“The children in question should be able to access their nursery without feelings of fear and distress. 
“The panel concluded that your behaviour was at the higher end of the scale of seriousness.
“The panel considered that there was a real risk of repetition. In coming to that view, the panel took into account the fact that you engaged in multiple incidents involving three children. 
“The panel viewed your conduct as a pattern of behaviour which might be reflective of your values and your temperament that may not be compatible with working in the social services sector.” 
They also noted that at the hearing Doherty had not accepted that he had done anything wrong and had instead attempted to defend his actions. 

Little Flowers Nursery Renfrew - Scottish Care News
Doherty worked at Little Flowers Nursery in Renfrew, Renfrewshire.                                                           (C) Google Maps

On making their decision to remove Doherty from the SSSC register, the panel said: “The panel considers that a removal order is the most appropriate sanction as it is both necessary and justified in the public interest and to maintain the continuing trust and confidence in the social service profession and the SSSC as the regulator of the profession. 
“The panel considered whether removal was proportionate given the serious consequences for you. 
“The panel weighed up your right to work in the profession of your choice against the need to protect the public and uphold confidence in the profession. 

“The panel took the view that the need to protect the public and uphold confidence in the profession outweighed your right to work in the sector.”

A spokeswoman for Little Flowers Nursery today declined to comment on Doherty.

She did reveal that none of the staff there at present worked with Doherty and said the organisation is under new management.