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Adorable images show itchy sheep giving itself scratch on the side of a car

Adorable images show an itchy sheep giving itself a satisfying scratch on the side of a car
The sheep was spotted trying to sooth its itch near Loch Gairloch in the West coast of the Scottish Highlands on Monday. 
Linda Donnelly, from Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear was travelling the North Coast 500 when she sighted the adorable animal using the parked car.

Itchy Sheep Loch Gairloch - Animal News Scotland
The sheep was spotted beside Loch Gairloch.                                                                                        (C) Linda Donnelly

Already in stitches, she forced her husband to pull over so she could take photographs showing the sheep leaning into the front right hand side of a red Ford. 
It is seen moving its left side back and forth along the side of the vehicle, appearing to use the edge of the wheel to scratch itself. 

The woolly mammal enjoyed the satisfying scratch for several minutes with Linda, 54, claiming it was still scratching when they eventually drove off. 
The land surveyor posted the images to Facebook on Monday with the caption: “When the itch needs scratching”. 
The post now has over 140 likes, with several people commenting on the brazen sheep. 
Jim Alexander said “Sheep scratching?!” 
Kelly Samantha Swallow commented: “We saw a few doing this on our travels.” 
Patsy Groves added: “Great photos”. 
Speaking today, Linda said: “The photos were taken from the car so not the best quality but didn’t want to get out and scare it as I thought it was hilarious and needed to capture the moment.

Itchy sheep and car reg - Animal News Scotland
The sheep was scratching for at least a couple of minutes.                                                                     (C) Linda Donnelly

“I just burst out laughing and told my husband to pull over. 
“I said I could totally sympathise with the sheep as I have been known to do something similar against a door frame myself. 
“It was just a fun moment and another great memory from our wonderful NC500 holiday.
“It was already having a good old scratch when we got there. 
“There were a number of sheep wandering around so we had to slow right down anyway.
“I looked over and there it was doing it’s thing! 
“It was still having a scratch as we drove away, those damn midges must have been at it.
“I feel it’s pain.”

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