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How to Run a More Creative Business


Companies need more than a fantastic product and a strong USP to enjoy success. To secure many customers, generate a substantial annual revenue, and become an industry leader, a business will need to improve its creativity and productivity levels.

Without creativity, a brand will struggle to create attention-grabbing marketing campaigns, solve major business problems, and stand out in a saturated market. Don’t allow your company to blend in with the crowd. Find out how to run a more creative business.

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Revamp Your Office Space

An office environment can either support creativity or fight against it. To encourage your team to brainstorm ideas each day and create a steady flow of ideas, you might need to revamp your office space.

For example, you can erect glass office partitions to create meeting spaces and support brainstorming sessions. The panels will support transparency while providing your team with a discreet place to share opinions, ideas, and solutions. Plus, it will help your business maintain a bright, airy environment, which will improve your employees’ mood, focus, and creativity.

Recommend Employee Breaks

Staring at a computer screen can stop creativity from flowing. By encouraging your employees to take routine breaks, they can relax, recharge, and enjoy a change of scenery, which could help them find a creative solution to a problem.

Allow your team members to go for a walk when needed, as a study found people generate more ideas when walking instead of sitting. Then, when an employee arrives back at the office, they could have an intelligent answer to a business problem or a unique idea for a sales or marketing strategy.

Ask Staff to Take More Risks

Did you know a third of Brits are afraid to take risks in the workplace? While they might worry about falling on their face, the risk could lead to great rewards for the business, as well as themselves. To exceed the competition, think outside the box and execute unique, creative solutions to problems.

Inform your employees they won’t be penalized for failures and reward your staff when they execute successful ideas to build a culture of creative risk-taking. Don’t forget to review past failures to identify where a person or team went wrong, as the idea could be great, but the execution might need improvement.

Encourage Departments to Work Together

If departments fail to engage with each other, it can lead to miscommunication, poor productivity levels, and a lack of creativity. Rather than allowing your employees to work only with their teams, encourage departments to collaborate.

Ensure your marketers spend time with accounting or web design or suggest sales connect with customer service and human resources. Department crossovers will ensure each employee understands the different processes, potential problems, and daily routines.

As a result, they could share tactics, recommend ideas, or brainstorm solutions for potential issues. Also, spending time with different departments can help your team see the business or a department from a new perspective. It could inspire more creative ideas, improve internal relationships, and encourage collaborations.