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Why Pick Gluten-Free Beer And What Are The Benefits?

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So gluten-free beers have begun popping up right, left, and centre. What is all the fuss about? With more and more types of gluten-free beer becoming available in shops, and with the big alcohol brewers advertising them all over social media, it is no wonder you are beginning to wonder.

This article will look at why people drink gluten-free beers and the benefits of doing so. And not just the benefits for you but for the manufacturers too!

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So, Why Do People Drink Gluten-Free Beers?

The big one is that gluten-free beers are ideal for people that have a gluten intolerance or a full-blown gluten allergy. For sufferers of coeliac disease, gluten-free beers are a godsend for boozing it up at the weekends.

But coeliac disease isn’t a trivial matter. The disease affects about 1% of people in Western countries and can cause serious discomfort to them when they ingest gluten.

But gluten-free beer also has the benefit of allowing people who have been avoiding certain types of ale because of medical issues. Gluten-free beers open up the doors for people with medical conditions to enjoy a cold one.

What Are Some Of The Additional Benefits?

It isn’t just people that suffer from celiac disease who are seeking out gluten-free beers. The gluten-free trend is also about improving the overall health and wellbeing of people that regularly drink beers and ales.

In modern times more people tend to be label-conscious and scour the backs of packaging to find out what products are in their drinks and foods. This all stems from the want and need for people to improve their diet as well as ensure they get all the nutrients and vitamins they need.

From digestive health and allergen avoidance to weight and dieting reasons, people are making consumption choices to align with the diet they perceive as being most beneficial to them.

Why Are Major Beer Manufacturers Selling Gluten-Free Beers?

It is all very well considering smaller brewers offering gluten-free beers as part of their product lines. But why are the big boys and girls getting involved? If gluten-free beer has always been a viable option, why are we only seeing them now?

Well, like with all things business oriented, that has to do with demand in the market and supplying that demand. If there is a larger demand, that shows the bigger companies that it is more economically viable to begin segueing into the gluten-free market.

And this is exactly what we have thankfully begun to see happen. For example, Tennent’s, who is one of Scotland’s most popular brewers, are now selling gluten beer with their Tennent’s gluten-free brand.

Final Orders!

With a variety of new beers hitting that market every day, and with more and more companies wanting to tailor to everyone, it can make the market volatile. Then again, it also offers consumers an excellent choice.

But one thing’s for sure, gluten-free beer is absolutely here to stay.

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