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Adorable video shows gaggle of geese waddling over zebra crossing in orderly line

ADORABLE video shows a gaggle of geese waddling over a zebra crossing in an orderly line – Holding up dozens of patiently cueing vehicles.

Joanna Israel, 38, stumbled across the bizarre scene in Blackheath, London on Tuesday, where she witnessed over 20 Geese crossing the busy road.

The wholesome video shows the grey birds waiting at the crossing as the queue of traffic comes to a halt waiting for their move.

The geese then slowly waddle in a long line across the zebra crossing – stopping several times on the way.

The cheeky geese seemingly test the patience of the motorists as they halt regularly to look back at the waiting drivers.

One motorists finally loses his patience and hops out his vehicle to help herd the feathered friends over the road.

Eventually a man approaches from out-of-shot, clapping to hurry the geese along – before running back to his vehicle further back in the queue.

Geese walking over zebra crossing | Animal News
The gaggle of geese waddled over the zebra crossing whilst traffic cued.

The geese then finally reach the other side of the road, and mark their crossing with some celebratory honks.

Joanna shared the video of the curious creatures to Facebook, on Tuesday with the caption: “This made my morning! I’m not sure who is better behaved, the Blackheath Geese or traffic?”

The video has now gained over 200 likes, with several users commenting on the hilariously slow pace of the birds.

One woman said: “The way they stop halfway just to rub it in that they are holding everyone up.”

Another commented: “I thought this was shot in slow motion until the runner appeared!”

A third user joked: “Wow this is unusual to see! Not the geese, the polite drivers! I love it.”

Geese walking over zebra crossing | Animal News
One driver hopped out to help herd the geese over the road.

Whilst another wrote: “As slow as you like! I can’t believe there wasn’t even one horn beep!”

Speaking today, 38-year-old Joanna said: “I was with my husband and we had just dropped off our youngest son for his first day of school in Greenwich.

“We were walking back from having breakfast and saw the geese crossing – we couldn’t believe it.

“We thought it was really funny that they seemed to know exactly where to cross but couldn’t believe how patient the traffic was!”

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