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EntertainmentBrit baker creates impressive 100kg Jason Derulo cake after receiving special request...

Brit baker creates impressive 100kg Jason Derulo cake after receiving special request the star

A BRIT BAKER has created an impressive 100kg Jason Derulo cake after receiving a special request from the star.

Lara Mason from Walsall, Staffordshire was shocked to received a request from the hit singer on Instagram asking her to do a video collaboration.

After chatting with the 31-year-old celebrity, the pair agreed upon creating the spectacular sculpture.

Artist and her cake- Celebrity News
The lifelike sculpture of the singer looks delicious                                                                                   (C) Cake Anything

The 35-year-old spent three days crafting the giant life-like cake of the American singer-songwriter using leftover sponge from the freezer last week.

The incredible video shows the base of the massive cake with the singer’s limbs and torso built up from squares of red velvet, chocolate and plain sponge cake. 

The cake base is then smoothed with a long bread knife to start shaping the star and help the icing spread smoothly.
There is then a cheeky close up of the baker spreading chocolate icing across the heartthrob’s crotch.

Derulo Crotch- Celebrity News
The baker dotted over the celebrity singer’s famous crotch                                                                     (C) Cake Anything

The clip then shows the baker adding the final touches with a plastic tool before revealing the spectacular creation in all its glory. 

Another video shows the cake getting sliced into, with the baker beginning by taking a healthy slice out off his head.

The mum-of-two has been documenting her passion for unique baking since 2012, with her TikTok and Instagram pages displaying an impressive collection.

Speaking today Lara said: “I made it last week between Wednesday and Saturday. 

“I’m not sure exactly how many ingredients it took as I used surplus cake from my freezer since Jason wasn’t actually going to eat it.

Finalised cake-Celebrity News
The full sized piece is incredibly lifelike                                                                                                (C) Cake Anything

“I think It probably weighed around 100kg.

“The story behind it was Jason reached out on Instagram to do a video collaboration and this is the idea we came up with together. 

“He’s seen it and loves it!”

The baking star shared the bizarre story behind the cake to TikTok on Sunday captioned: “Cakes on Derulo? @jasonderulo #laramason #cakeanything” 

The video has now collected over 21 million views with nearly four million likes and 16,000 comments from users in awe of the 100kg cake.

Even Jason Derulo replied in delight with a mind blown emoji followed by a praying hands emoji. 

@Viktorea36 cheekily said: “I’d have a slice of Jason Derulo any day.” 

@stickyaustralia exclaimed: “OMG the detail.”

TikTok Comment-Celebrity News
People in the comments went wild for the life sized cake of the star                                                       (C) Cake Anything

@lils_pearce joked: “Imagine if you had to transport a cake like this, do you sit it in the passenger seat and put the seatbelt on?” 

While @alexandria_18 added: “Incredible and the spreading of the crotch.”

Since the start of his solo recording career in 2009, Jason Derulo has sold over 30 million singles and has achieved eleven Platinum singles. 

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