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EntertainmentHilarious video shows drunk man's disastrous attempt to jump into wheelie bin

Hilarious video shows drunk man’s disastrous attempt to jump into wheelie bin

A HILARIOUS video shows a drunk man attempting to jump inside a wheelie bin – only for it to tip over and send him crashing to the ground. 

Carl Stout attempted the ambitious leap after a heavy night on the booze in Bishop Auckland, Durham, on Sunday morning. 

The hilarious video shows Carl, 20, eyeing up the open black bin as he climbs on top of a metal railing which is roughly around two feet high. 

Once balanced on the railing the roofer then pauses for a second as he prepares for the jump.

He then leaps three feet through the air towards the awaiting bin and manages to land inside.

However, Carl’s momentum then sends the bin off balance causing him to crash headfirst into another bin before falling back to the ground and hitting his head.

Thankfully Carl managed to walk away from the mishap unscathed.

His friend, Matthew Clarkson who recorded the video, later shared the clip to Twitter on Sunday, writing: “If you’re not pals with Stouty your life must be s***e.” 

The post has now collected over 7,300 retweets with 500 retweets and dozens of likes from users who were left in stitches by the tumble.

Boozed up punter jumps in wheelie bin | Video News UK
Despite landing inside the bin, Carl still went crashing onto the ground.

@celaurie said: “That’s half of my pals.”

@eellamufc20x wrote: “Full face grind.”

@Saqajaankatahay commented: “Not going to lie, I would’ve probably succeeded.”

@jackstacey18 replied: “I’d go head first.” 

Speaking today Matthew, also a 20-year-old roofer, said: “It was Sunday morning after we had been on the drink all night at a party and we went to the pub. 

“I said ‘I bet you daren’t dive into the bin.’”

“When he did it I was on my back laughing.

“He didn’t feel a thing, he’s got a jaw of steel, the hardest man alive.

“He’s an idiot, he does it all the time.”

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