Stolen golf clubs not covered by many insurance policies


GOLFERS have been warned to check their insurance policies or risk losing out on thousands of pounds if their clubs are stolen from their car.

With an average cost of £1,200 for a new set of clubs, they can be a prime target for thieves.

But new research by heycar has found that replacing the set would not be easy to replace as most car insurance policies barely cover just one club.

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The average cost of a set of golf clubs is £1,200. Image: Courtney Cook on Unsplash

The nation’s top insurers define clubs as ‘personal possessions’ under car insurance policies and only cover them to a value of between £100-£500, which is the price of a top of the range driver.

To better safeguard clubs, insurers recommend they are added to Personal Belongings cover under a home insurance policy.

Dan Powell, Senior Editor at heycar, says: “Golf has never been more popular than it is now.

“Since the first lockdown, an extra 15 million rounds have been played with 2.3 million new players taking it up.

“Yet, many motorists are likely to be shocked to discover that they may not have the right level of insurance cover in place to replace their equipment in the event of a theft.

“As with most things in life, it pays to be honest and ask some key questions when you are getting insurance. What does the policy cover and would it be better to make sure that golf clubs are covered under a home policy instead?”

The findings come as heycar sponsors the PGA/WGC Tour and European Tour golf action on Sky Sports.