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Court & CrimeMum left shaken after motorbike driver allegedly smashed into her car and...

Mum left shaken after motorbike driver allegedly smashed into her car and escaped in a getaway vehicle

A MUM has been left shaken after a motorbike driver allegedly smashed into her family car and escaped in a getaway vehicle.

Sophie Hill and Brooklyn Burniston were shocked after claiming a motorbike driver crashed into the side of their car in Acklam Road, Middlesbrough on Friday.

The 19-year old and her 22-year-old partner claim the driver was helped into a getaway vehicle after colliding with their family car.

Sophie claims the driver flew off the bike, and was sent tumbling across the pavement before scrambling to a silver Volkswagen that pulled up to help him escape moments later. 

The couple, who were travelling to collect their six-month-old, now say the crash has left their car a “write off”.

One shocking video shows the carnage moments after the crash.

The orange bike is lying in the middle of the road whilst the silver getaway car has stopped just ahead. 

As the motorcycle driver limps towards the car another man gets out of the passenger seat to help him. 

After entering the car one man later jumps back out and runs back over to the bike to pick something up.

The post had dozens of likes and hundreds of shares with social media users outraged at the incident. 

Anthony Lee Murphy said: “Hope your okay f***** hell, could have been so much worse!” 

Lisa Nevison-Thomas exclaimed: “Bloody hell hun I hope all of you are ok, they’re definitely scumbags for sure, fingers crossed they get caught and are dealt with.” 

While Steven Rooney said: “Absolute scum, could have killed someone but nothing will happen when caught, probably a suspended sentence no doubt.” 

The car was a write off - UK Crime News
The young family are going to struggle with no car.

Speaking today the shaken mum-of-one said: “We were travelling down Acklam Road, entering the central lane ready to turn left into Hambledon Road. 

“We began turning to check oncoming traffic, when we were hit by a KTM Motorbike going around 80mph or more, straight into the driver side door. 

“It dented our door, quarter panel, and ripped off the front of our car including the headlight. 

“As he hit us he and the bike dragged across the floor, the bike hit a parked car, and the man’s body hit another parked car behind it. 

“A grey Volkswagen Passat then parked in the oncoming traffic, a man jumped out of the back passenger side of the car and helped up the driver into the car whilst he was limping and then proceeded to speed off. 

“Police had the bike recovered on a truck and taken away. 

“We are still appealing for any information and pictures that the members of the public had taken as there were over 30 people watching and recording.

“The bang was that loud, I honestly thought that was it and that my time here was over.

“We are left with a broken car, as we only had third party theft and fire insurance as fully comprehensive was too expensive for us.

“We have no way of travel and have to rely now on family and friends.

“They couldn’t even look at us. Just sped off and left us with a written off car.” 

The young couple - UK Crime News
Sophie Hill, 19 and Brooklyn Burniston, 22 pictured.

Sophie shared the distressing post to Facebook on Friday, writing: “Police are involved and are looking for any more pictures and videos that can be provided. 

“Please if you were a witness, please send me any videos and pictures you took of these disgusting scum bags! 

“We now have no car, and have a dependent six-month-old, our lives have now become so difficult. Please help us.” 

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police today said: “Police received a report of a collision involving a motorbike and a car at 5:47pm near to Acklam shops on Acklam Road on Friday 10th September.

“There are no reported injuries and enquiries are ongoing.”

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