Sunday, June 26, 2022
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People make Glasgow as they say – Incredible video shows open air ceilidh in Glasgow

AN INCREDIBLE video has captured the moment Scots take part in an open air ceilidh in Glasgow.

John Cumming captured the uplifting video outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow where over 60 people enjoyed the dance on Sunday.

The 21-year-old was excited to snap the incredible video which shows around 30 couples arm in arm embracing in an energetic Gay Gordons.

The pairs can be seen galivanting around the square to the toe tapping fiddles and upbeat Scottish music in front of the stunning red brick Kelvingrove. 

There are joyful people of all ages coming together to make the most of their chance for a heel-toe boogie.

The politics student shared the clip yesterday afternoon, writing: “I adore this city!” 

The amazing clip has been viewed over 21,000 times with over 700 likes and 145 shares from users who wished they could have joined in.

@alisonthewliss said: “Very sorry I missed this! It’s been too long without a ceilidh.” 

@SCOTSANGEL1 exclaimed: “Can’t beat Glasgow for fun, I used to live a two minute walk from there. I was never out of there.” 

@greigburgoyne said: “People make Glasgow as they say!” 

Revellers enjoyed their impromptu dance at Kelvingrove - Entertainment News Scotland
Revellers dance outside Glasgow’s famous Kelvingrove.                                                                    Credit: John Cumming

While @RobertJames2020 added: “This is the Glasgow I’m proud to belong to.” 

Speaking today John said: “It was held by the Glasgow Folk Workshop as part of the west end festival.

“The atmosphere was incredible! It was great to see so many people stopping and getting involved.

“I stay just across the road so I could hear it in my living room! I put my shoes on and went down to see what was happening!

The video showed the joy of Glaswegians after lockdown Entertainment News Scotland
Glaswegians heard the music and came to boogie.                                                                           Credit: John Cumming

“It was really exciting to see people coming together after spending so much time apart.”

The event was organised by Glasgow Folk Workshop who offer classes teaching a variety of musical instruments and songs, mainly through the medium of traditional Scottish music.

The organisation said: “What a great turnout! Thanks to the tutors, students and friends who made it a great occasion.” 

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