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NewsEerie images show inside of “cursed” cottage left abandoned after owner died...

Eerie images show inside of “cursed” cottage left abandoned after owner died inside

EERIE images have revealed the inside of a “cursed” cottage which was left abandoned after the owner died inside.

Sean Guy, behind the urban exploring page Abandoned Prophecy, captured the images of the derelict property on Southwood Road, Liverpool, last month.

Said to be haunted, “MacKay’s” cottage is the last house on the street and is covered in overgrown foliage.

Inside the house - UK News

Images show the former family home filled with clutter alongside a number of hair raising messages hidden throughout the property. 

Another creepy image shows a wardrobe filled with abandoned clothes, including a once white woolly jumper that has tinged yellow.

In the corner of what appears to be a bedroom a dark glass bottle of Codeine, dated from 1995, is sitting on a shelf.

An old picture of two gentlemen is hung on the wall where there is an arrow pointing to one of the men with the words: “Arthur MacKay.”

Devil horns have been drawn on to the had of the other man, alongside the words: “Who is this guy? To Kanma knows.

“To Kanma knows Arthur was betrayed.”

A creepy note - UK News
Said to be haunted, “MacKay’s” cottage is the last house on the street and is covered in overgrown foliage.

Speaking today Joe said: “I’d say the actual building itself stood out most to be honest.

“The rear of the building, if it was in perfect condition, would look like a holiday home.

“In the actual building, the pictures left of their old car and pictures of Erik McKay stood out most, purely because they are personal memories that they had.” 

“I have wanted to go here for quite a while because I don’t live too far away from Liverpool and I enjoy exploring abandoned places.

“Especially places that have a good amount of history, I also enjoy taking pictures and videos of places that nobody may have seen for decades.

“Most places I visit on my own so I am always a bit nervous and sometimes scared.

“This place didn’t make me feel like that. I actually felt like this was a loving family home and it’s good to take pictures and videos of the house because it won’t be around for long.

“But there were plenty of items to see, such as the owner’s clothes, the old chairs, and the old coal cookers and much more.

“Rumours say Mr. McKay was a spy and had a really troubled life.

“He lived at the property, where his son was also staying until November 4 2019 when the 57-year-old son sadly passed away.”

The creepy abandoned room - UK News
It was left after the owner died inside.

The avid adventurer shared the pictures to Facebook earlier this month, writing: “At St Michael’s area of Liverpool, there lies The McKay’s cursed cottage.” 

The post collected dozens of likes from intrigued social media users. 

Mirel Lotan said: “Beautiful exploration.” 

Brian Clarke exclaimed: “Very nearly all destroyed by fire, it must have been put out quickly but just in time.” 

While Calvin Kovatch said: “Sensing fear and misery there.” 

The Liverpool Echo reported that the Land Registry documents show the registered owners of the cottage are Arthur Robert McKay and Paula Marjatta McKay.

It is said that Erik’s father, David MacKay, who is the registered owner of the property, worked for the British Transport Police but died young leaving Erik and his mum alone in the house.

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