Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsSocial media users in stitches as toilet closed due to "excessive dogging"

Social media users in stitches as toilet closed due to “excessive dogging”

SOCIAL media users have been left in stitches by a sign on a Scots public bathroom advising that it has been closed due to “excessive dogging”. 
Poppy Hill spotted the bizarre notice in Aros Park in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.
One peculiar image shows the sign, which has the logo for Forestry and Land Scotland, stapled onto a wooden door. 

Excessive dogging sign - Scottish News
The sign stated the toilet was closed due to “excessive dogging”.                                                                  (C) Poppy Hill

While most of the sign has been typed up, printed and laminated, the words “excessive dogging” have been written on in black marker pen. 
The notice reads: “These toilets are shut due to excessive dogging. 
“Sorry for the inconvenience. 
“Nearest toilets, Tobermory Harbour Building.
“Forestry and Land Scotland.” 
Poppy posted the picture to Facebook on Friday, writing: “Had a fantastic week in Tobermory staying in an amazing apartment on the harbour. 
“My last day was made memorable by a walk to Aros Park.” 
The post now has over 150 likes, with dozens of people commenting on the hilarious and bizarre notice. 
One user asked: “What level of dogging is considered to be ‘excessive’? 

Aros Park Tobermory - Scottish News
The toilet is said to be in Aros Park in Tobermory.

“Asking for a friend.” 
Another commented: “My kind of Parish Council. 
‘Dogging is fine, just not too much, OK?’” 
Whilst one user replied: “This whole post made me laugh!” 
Another added: “How forward thinking, toilets for dogs!” 
One member said: “Is that a joke?”

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