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NewsHilarious video shows unlucky lad slip on brick wall and land on...

Hilarious video shows unlucky lad slip on brick wall and land on his crotch

A HILARIOUS video shows an unfortunate man slipping on a wall – and landing crotch first on the bricks. 
After noticing that a brick had fallen off the wall at the front of his property in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, yesterday Andy Rich spotted the fail on his CCTV.
After an arch on the wall had previously been knocked down, the 37-year-old was curious to see if the same culprit had returned.


The CCTV footage shows a man on his phone, walking up and down the wall completely care-free. 
Whilst on his phone, the man walks along the wall and successfully jumps across the gap to the other side. 
However, whilst attempting to negotiate the gap again, a loose brick slips off the wall, causing the man to lose his balance, causing him to slip with his feet either side of the wall.

Legs akimbo, the man then plummets downward and crashes onto the wall groin first. 

Slipping on loose brick - UK News
A loose brick caused the man to lose his balance.                                                                                         (C) Andy Rich

The wanderer then gets up from the wall and shakes himself off, but is clearly in pain from the unfortunate tumble.
Andy, a tailor, posted the video to Facebook yesterday with the caption: “After the wall was vandalised, the camera has been recording, but this morning I noticed another brick knocked off, watch the video and feel the karma.” 
The video now has over 380 likes, with over 75 people commenting on the unlucky yet hysterical incident. 
James Brooke said: “There goes his chances of children”. 
Terry Arthur commented: “I think he suffered more than the wall did.” 
Dave Ockenden replied: “Oh that’s one pair of knackered gonads.”
Kelvin Telford added: “Brilliant”
Speaking today Andy said: “I’m only renting but the front yard is used like a thoroughfare and the local lads just constantly break things here. 

Man lands on his crotch on wall - UK News
He appeared to land crotch first and was clearly in significant pain.                                                                (C) Andy Rich

“So when that brick slipped and he smashed his nuts, I was laughing about it all day yesterday. 
“I saw the lad yesterday who did it, he was alright albeit very embarrassed to admit it.
“He and his mates always hang around, I saw three of them walking by and I was sticking the brick back and just said ‘who broke it this time’ and they laughed, one then dobbed his mate in and eventually he said yeah but it didn’t hurt. 
“Obviously he didn’t know I’d seen the video over and over, so I gave it to him.
“His mate was in stitches laughing.”

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