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5 Reasons to Choose UPVC Bifold Doors


Bifold doors are gaining popularity as a more contemporary alternative to conventional French doors or sliding doors. Because of its space-saving utility, homeowners can make the most of the link between their house and their outside area for aesthetic and practical reasons. uPVC bifold doors glide open smoothly and are composed of a succession of sashes that fold back on themselves to leave an open, complete aperture. The doors are mounted on runners and, when opened, glide and fold simultaneously for an effortless operation.

Image by sean891 from Pixabay
Image by sean891 from Pixabay

Yet, there are many other types of doors on the market and even different bifold doors. Why should you choose uPVC bifold doors for your home? Read on for some excellent reasons.

Increase Light In Your Home

Because of the vast surface area of glass utilized in bifold doors, more light enters your house. If you live in a house that lacks natural light, bifold doors are an excellent way to get more light into your home. You can effectively use bifold doors to bring the outdoors in by enabling you to enjoy your garden and the sun from the comfort of your home while they are open.


Enhanced Security

Bifold doors not only improve the look of your house, but they are also very safe. Bifold doors, unlike French doors, have various locking mechanisms incorporated into the sliding track on which they operate. As a result, bifold doors provide the highest level of protection, keeping you and your family secure from anyone who might think about breaking into your house.



You may think that what amounts to a glass wall would be less energy efficient than another form of door or even window. However, thanks to technological advances, when bifold doors are made of uPVC and have double glazing, they provide excellent thermal efficiency. Installing bifold doors can improve your house’s energy usage, lowering your fuel costs and keeping you warmer in the winter.


You’re In Control

In addition to blurring the transition from outside to inside, which is a great feature, especially during the summer months, bifold doors are intended to be flexible. They do not need to be opened wider than required, putting you in complete control. In this way, you can open them a tiny gap for ventilation or a larger opening for functional access. Because the doors don’t take up much room when open, either inside or outside, they are ideal for limited living or garden areas and aid in the creation of the sense of space.


Outstanding Value

While bifold doors may seem to be more expensive than other door types at first glance, they are considerably more robust and have a longer life lifetime owing to the strength of the material used, and they are incredibly durable. Another advantage is that they need less care, requiring just an occasional wipe down with a standard cleaning solution, just like your other windows.