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6 cost-effective ways to hang out with your friends

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After months indoors, we’ve all been spending most of our summer socialising, and all this socialisation can be costly. Though there isn’t anything as satisfying as seeing our friends in person after eighteen months of being unable to, it’s starting to get rather expensive going out all the time!

So, while we’re staying safe and making sure we buy Healgen antigen test UK products to stop the spread, we’re also looking to cut down on our spending! We’ve been gathering together some great ideas of ways you can socialise without spending too much money. Check them out below.

At-home film night

This is a really easy one to pull off. Simply grab your friends, put on the latest Netflix release, and pretend you’re at the premiere. You can spice it up with movie theatre popcorn and nachos, and you could even grab some paper cups and straws to feel like you’re really at the cinema.

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and you won’t even need to leave your house to do it. Though it might not beat the actual cinema, it is a cheap way to spend time with your friends.

Cooking together

Eating out can get expensive, especially if you’ve got a different mate date each night. Why not find a few recipes and cook up a three-course meal with your friends? You can produce makeshift menus and serve wine to pretend you’re dining out, all the while saving your pennies.

Picnic in the park

Another way to eat and socialise cheaply: head to your local supermarket, grab a few picnic-worthy foods then take them to your local park, or stretch of grassland, lay down a rug, and dig in. It doesn’t have to be a fancy picnic and the food can be simple, but you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, some good food, and time spent making memories with friends.

A day at the beach

Another place to enjoy nature; take advantage of the UK’s stunning coastline with a day at the beach. Grab your swimwear, a towel, and that inflatable flamingo you knew would come in handy one day, and head out for a day of sun and sea.

You can take a small picnic or maybe a disposable barbecue (make sure the beach you’re heading to allows them and use it safely if they do) to feed the group during the day. You can spend the day building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the beauty of our nation’s beaches. Remember to pack sun cream and a hat!

Games night

Board games don’t have to cause arguments, and they can actually be quite a lot of fun with friends. Everyone could bring over their favourite game and you can have a night in buying up property in London and trying to guess what your friend’s terrible drawings actually are.

DIY clothes swap

And if it’s shopping you’re missing as you’re trying to save some money, why not organise a makeshift clothes swap with friends. Not only is this a great activity for your wallet, but it also helps the planet by stopping you from buying more clothes! Grab a few items you don’t wear much and spend the day trying on each other’s clothes and revamping your wardrobe.

There are plenty of ways you can save money and still spend time with your friends. All the activities we have listed can be done very cheaply and still allow you to make some memories after months of not being able to.

Remember you can buy Healgen antigen test UK products to test frequently and stop the spread, keeping you safe as you meet with friends once again.

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