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NewsDashcam footage shows impatient motorist yelling at driver in car park

Dashcam footage shows impatient motorist yelling at driver in car park

SHOCKING Dashcam footage shows an impatient motorist with road rage yelling at another driver in a car park.

Christopher Crump was yelled at outside The Gym on Raw Dykes Road in Leicester on Tuesday. 

He was exiting the car park with caution when a white Vauxhall accelerated quickly to catch up with him. 

The dashcam footage shows Christopher about to turn onto Raw Dykes Road when the Vauxhall blasts its horn at him. 

The 25-year-old stops and rolls down his window, only for the Vauxhall driver to overtake him and shout abuse as he goes past. 

Whilst the carer blasts Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something, the man in the Vauxhall can be heard yelling: “D***head. 

“‘I’ve not got all f***ing day you little mug.” 

Raw Dykes Road - Dashcam News UK
Christopher was away to pull onto Raw Dykes Road when the incident happened.                              (C) Christopher Crump

The Vauxhall then accelerates off as Christopher, from Leicester, is left in shock. 

A black Range Rover also overtakes Christopher before he can leave the car park. 

Christopher uploaded the dashcam footage to Facebook on Tuesday, with the caption: “ All I do is drive carefully and I get abused”. 

Dozens of people criticised the Vauxhall driver in their responses.

Haylie Thomas said: “There’s always someone that has to be like that. 

“Nothing wrong with being cautious in a car park with people walking everywhere. 

“I think you handled the situation well though.”

Tony Barber commented: “Impatient prats, both of them”. 

Black range rover Leicester - Dashcam News UK
A black Range rover overtook Christopher as well.                                                                           (C) Christopher Crump

Emily Cooper replied: “You did nothing wrong here, they’re just w***ers”. 

Baz Wright added: “I hate it when that happens, you get it all the time around the lanes here”. 

Speaking today, Christopher said: “When he was beeping his horn at me, I honestly thought there was something wrong with my lights.

“When I wound down the window and I got abused I honestly was so shocked and I was quite scared.

“What happens if he does it to someone else that is more vulnerable?

“I was driving slowly to take caution because it’s raining and there were pedestrians about. 

“I was travelling between five and 10 miles an hour in the car park.

“He was racing up behind me and was quite quick.”

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