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Scots left divided after photo captures driver’s controversial attempt at parking next to a cycle lane

SCOTS have been left divided after a photo was shared of a driver’s controversial attempt at parking next to a cycle lane.

Thomas Cornwallis, 23, snapped the oddly parked Vauxhall Astra on Victoria Road, Glasgow, on Tuesday.

The photo shows the silver vehicle that has been wedged in-between two cars, parked at an almost-45-degree angle.

The bonnet of the vehicle can be seen sticking roughly two foot into the adjacent cycle lane.

Car parked across cycle lane - Transport News
The controversial parking attempt has drummed up attention on social media.                                   (C) Thomas Cornwallis

Thomas claims that the driver of the vehicle confronted him whilst he was taking the video and proceeded to call him a “p***k”.

Thomas, a student from Glasgow, shared the image to Twitter on Tuesday, writing: “The lovely guy in orange ran up to me to ask why I took a photo.

“I said because of how badly it’s parked. He claimed it’s parked completely safely and that I am a p***k.’

The photo has gained almost 2,500 likes on Twitter, and has prompted hundreds of comments from users who argued both sides of the case.

@rorymeakin said: “What’s the better solution? A rotary cutter to trim overhanging debris like this or a tow truck driving round looking for such things?”

To which @AManWithAClue replied: “Or ride past in the massive gap and not worry about it?”

@MarkMcDaid5 wrote: “Hardly the end of the world here. Still loads of room for cyclists. If this is all you have to worry about in life, I’d say you’re doing alright.”

@JoolzPedals commented: “Needs proper enforcement. Can’t be up to civilians to point out the unacceptable!”

Screenshot of Twitter's reaction to the photo - Transport News
Twitter user’s argued for both sides of the case.                                                                                               (C) Twitter

Speaking today, Thomas said: “I was cycling home from work on the north side of the city.

“As I approached I was amused at how the car was pointing 45 degrees into the cycle lane, narrowing it.

“When I stopped to take a photo, someone shouted ‘oi’ and approached me to ask why I was taking a photo of his car.

“He thought it was safely parked and asked who I would report it to, so I informed him that I gather photos of incidents such as these as evidence for issues on the route and that he should park legally if he doesn’t want a photo taken.

“He then proceeded to call me a p***k and muttered stuff as he left.”

Thomas is a volunteer convener for GoBike, a campaign for better infrastructure around cycling in Strathclyde, and works to raise awareness on issues such as these across Glasgow.

He went on to say: “There are a lot of issues on the South City Way with people parking and abandoning cars in junctions, cycle lanes, access/exit points and blocking buses from passing.

“As an advocate for safer streets it’s extremely annoying, because a lot of effort has been made to make streets more accessible, but one person can affect access for everyone else.

“The gap in this photo could let a standard bike through but not a cargo-bike or non-standard bike for someone that requires mobility aid.”

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