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8 Ways To Create Career Agility


It is easy to become overwhelmed by whether or not we are succeeding in achieving our career dreams. A recent study found that half of all employees no longer feel their jobs are secure. This is perhaps because there is always someone with more skills than you. What this means is that there is a need to keep on working on yourself to stay on top of the game. That said, here are 8 ways that you can create career agility;

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
  1. Never stop learning

When you feel like you are standing still in your career, it is time to change things. One way of doing this is by learning new skills that will enhance your potential value at work. Make a point of learning something new every day. For example, if there is a new programming language out, learn it.

  1. Create awareness of your weaknesses and strengths

Do you know what you are good at and what you struggle with? It is important that you sit down and think about these two things. This will help you to create an action plan on how to enhance your strengths while improving on what you are not too good at.

  1. Be the one who sets the agenda for others

Most people are happy just to have a job, but it is better if you are able to contribute more than just being another worker in the company. One way of doing this is by taking control of your career, which means prioritizing yourself in terms of tasks that need completing. And when given the opportunity, take charge and lead projects or initiatives that seem interesting or challenging.

  1. Always be available for feedback from peers and superiors

One thing that holds many people back from reaching their full potential in their careers is not taking feedback positively. It’s great when someone takes time to provide feedback, but not everyone is in the habit of listening. The trick is to listen carefully and then take that information into consideration before making any decisions about what to do next.

  1. Always think ahead and look at the big picture

Where do you want to be in the next five years? What does a successful career mean to you? Do these align with your current job and responsibilities? It is vital to analyze your current skills and where you are at career-wise. Look at the bigger picture and work towards living up to your full potential.

  1. Stepping out of the comfort zone

It is easy to hide behind a computer and avoid challenges and stress. It can be scary and risky, but accepting new opportunities will help you expand your career horizons. People grow when they are faced with new tasks and obstacles. Try taking on new responsibilities even if they seem foreign or off-limit at first!

  1. Understand the market trends

The best way to ensure that you are always ahead of the game regarding what employers want in their workforce is to understand the market very well. Find out where the opportunities lie in your organization and focus on working there. It may seem difficult, but if you work hard enough, chances are, sooner or later, people will start taking notice of you.

  1. A willingness to adapt

Don’t expect things to stay the same. The world is not standing still – it’s evolving, and so must you in order for this evolution from happening smoothly. If you have been doing one thing too long, don’t be afraid of change. Try something different to keep growing.

Take Away

It is important to cultivate your career agility if you intend on thriving in this world of constant change. There are many ways to cultivate career agility, but the key is action.