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Cherish your unforgettable memories at Dhow Cruise


One of the best parts to explore and roam in Dubai is  Dhow cruise dubai marina. Dhow cruise from Dubai Marina has become a popular tourist attraction that provides an opportunity for visitors and passengers to explore modern Dubai from a broader perspective. So if you want to plan a solo trip to Dubai this vacation, don’t forget to add the Dhow cruise to your itinerary list.

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash
Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

The Dhow is the traditional vessel that was used for shipping and transporting things from one place to another. It is reminiscent of Arabian, Asian and African civilizations. However, the traditional design of a vessel was lost in history, but later on, it was used for fishing and ship carriages from one spot to another.

The Alexandra Dhow Cruise was decorated with beautiful ornaments, and artists had crafted designs and patterns on vessels from their hands to showcase Dubai’s traditional culture and history. It is a famous sightseeing place where passengers can enjoy mouth-watering dishes in the floating restaurant having a buffer system.

A golden opportunity for visitors to witness live entertainment along with the delicious food that brightens up their night and spreads the aroma of happiness and peace. You, being on the solo trip, can enjoy tranquillity by witnessing dazzling attractions of the town from your naked eyes and taking a long break from your monotonous work schedules.

What can you enjoy at Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina?

Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina is the best tourist spot if you wish to spend your entire day. The dhow cruise allows you to gaze at the famous attractions of town in two hours of cruising. You can witness magnificent skyscrapers on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can witness famous spots such as Blue Lagoon, Dubai Eye, Jumeirah Beach and many other attractions. You can relish an amazing dinner at the dhow cruise that will enhance your experience of visiting Dubai. You will feel blissful moments while visiting at dhow cruise and witness the compelling scenes at your first visit. You can watch live Tanoura Dance and puppet shows on a cruise for your entertainment purpose. Book your tickets beforehand to relish your unforgettable memories on a cruise.

What is ancient history related to Dhow Cruise?

The Dhow is a traditional vessel which was earlier used for sea trade. It was historically used for shipping in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Dubai is a popular place for both classic and modern architecture. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time and want to visit the famous places of Dubai, Dhow Cruise would be the best option to enjoy your trip and gaze at the best attractions of the town. At Dhow Cruise, you will witness the city’s culture and history attached to it. You can book the price tickets of the Dhow cruise from various online sources, which will also provide you with an opportunity of pick-up facilities and enjoy your evening in peace.