Hermes driver claims delivery attempt whilst “sat on his a**e at home”


A HERMES driver claimed he made a delivery attempt of a customer’s parcel – by sharing a photo of himself “sat on his a**e at home”.

Thomas Gent was shocked when he received an email notification on Thursday showing the driver with his feet up and slippers on at home watching tv.

The 30-year-old had been waiting on craft materials to arrive at his home in Preston, Lancashire when he received a notification saying his delivery had been attempted. 

Hermes driver was happy to put his feet up - Consumer News
The driver was pictured eating Quality Street.                                                                                    Credit: Thomas Gent

But when he looked at the email notification, Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes when the “proof” of attempted delivery showed the driver relaxing in a living room.

The “delivery attempt photo” shows the driver sitting down with his legs up and wearing a pair of grey slippers with the television on. 

A box of Quality Street and wrappers are shown on the glass table to the right hand side of the employee.

Thomas claims that he was at home all day and that no delivery was attempted. 

He posted a screenshot of his delivery attempt notification to Facebook on Thursday with the caption: “How’s this for a delivery attempt.

“Sat on his a**e at home”.

The notification received by the customer - Consumer News
The driver sent a notification to the customer.                                                                                    Credit: Thomas Gent

The screenshot of Hermes notification read: “Your local courier tried to deliver your Hermes parcel today but you weren’t in. We tried to deliver your parcel today but you weren’t in.

“There wasn’t a safe place to leave your parcel so we’ll try again and contact you on Fri Sep 17 2021 with more information.”

Thomas’ post now has just under 100 likes and dozens of comments from viewers who were shocked by the brazen nature of the driver.

One social media user said: “Blimey! Bold as brass!” 

Another wrote: “At least it’s not your front room whilst you were out”. 

One viewer said: “What a guy”. 

And another group member added: “The balls on him – huge”. 

Speaking today, Thomas said: “It made me laugh because it’s about standard for Hermes.

“It’s hilarious the driver has the nerve to actually sit at home and take a picture of it too.

“I was in all day, there was no delivery attempt, no card left or anything. 

“It was delivered on the Friday, however it was left at the door, nobody knocked and it was just left there. 

“I was angry as I did need the delivery ASAP, however you have to find these things funny so I saw the funny side.”

Hermes today apologised for the incident which they described as a “technical issue”.

A spokeswoman said: “This photo was uploaded in error as a result of a technical issue.

“We apologise for any confusion caused.

“We can confirm that this parcel has been successfully delivered.”