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What Have We Learned from Staying at Home?

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Over the past year and a half, we have watched our world and way of life change and unfold in unspeakable ways. Many people haven’t been to the office in over a year, lots of kids are still learning remotely, and we’re all still wearing masks. Nevertheless, one thing stands, we have learned a lot of lessons from this experience, one of them being resetting our priorities.

Photo by Diego San on Unsplash
Photo by Diego San on Unsplash

Although we are ready to move forward, we need to balance caution with optimism and learn from our experiences. While we all have had somewhat a different experience with the pandemic, three main things we’ve all learned in the last year are:

  1. The importance of relationships
  2. The importance of self-care
  3. The importance of gratitude

Generally, it feels like we are finally coming out of a dark cave. In the last two months, we have been going to events, engaging in activities we have avoided for the previous year and a half, and even taking our masks off at times.

The last 17 months were very challenging, to say the least. Some people experienced grief and loss, while others experienced anxiety and depression. However, reflecting on the previous year has been a learning opportunity for all of us and a chance to focus more on what really matters and to hold on tight to the ones we love.

Social Media Will Never Replace Face-to-Face Interactions 

In the last year and a half, the majority of us have been relying on our digital devices to keep up with friends, to work, and to get entertained by scrolling through social media platforms, binge-watching favorite series on Netflix, or reading a Blue Wizard Slot review here, before testing your luck in one of the many online casinos.

Online gambling has, for better or for worse, boomed significantly during this period. A lot of people were gambling online went well beyond the number of patrons that would otherwise be in casinos or betting houses. This was so much so that online gambling influencers became a thing, explaining the best games and even streaming their experience on the internet.

At first glance, the lockdown was a dream come true. Kids didn’t go to school, and parents were able to relax even for a moment. However, one month passed, two months passed, three months passed, and people started feeling lonely, stressed, depressed, and even crazy at times.

One major thing we learned from staying at home was that the sense of connection and emotional high we get from being in the physical presence of others is sacred and essential to living a healthy and normal life.

One way we can let this lesson continue to impact us positively is by being fully present when spending time together. Whether that means putting our phones away completely or turning them on silent, this mindfulness can help strengthen our relationship forever.

Showing Gratitude Is Important 

Over the past year, we have found a whole other level of appreciation for doctors and health care workers. It surely has been heartwarming to see grateful people showing their appreciation openly by clapping, making signs, and even just saying “thank you” has gone a long way toward building goodwill.

However, gratitude is not something we should only show to health care workers. One thing we learned is that we should show more gratitude for all of the people and things that make our life easier and happier.

By showing more gratitude and being kind to one another, we are essentially building a kinder and more compassionate society, which is something we should strive for.

Family Is Everything

One thing that we haven’t; doing enough was prioritizing our relationships with family. During a lockdown, for sure, some families were at each other’s last nerve. However, now that that’s over, we should all take a minute and appreciate what we were being given.

A chance to work on our interpersonal relationships, reconnect and understand each other, forgive each other, make new memories, and get creative with how we are spending our time with our loved ones.

The major life lesson we can all take away from this is that people closest to you, especially your family, deserve your time and attention, and vice versa. From now on, no more excuses for not having enough time to spend with your family.

Lastly, for those of you without a family, know that not every family is made of blood. With that said, find your people, your loved ones, and use this precious time you’ve been given to strengthen the nods you do have.

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