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NewsWife shocked to find huge shark on wall after asking hubby to...

Wife shocked to find huge shark on wall after asking hubby to fix crack

A WIFE got more than she bargained for after asking her husband to fix a missing section of render on their wall – only for him to paint a huge shark on it instead. 

Tilly Pugh, 32, noticed a section of render had come away from the wall at her home in Chester, Cheshire last week so asked hubby Martin to fix it.

Martin, 48, immediately spotted that the shape of the missing piece of concrete resembled a shark fin.

Shark on shed - Art News UK
The shark was spray painted on with leftover black car spray paint.                                                            (C) Martin Pugh

The nurse decided to put a quirky spin on his wife’s DIY request by spray-painting a huge five-foot-long black and white shark onto the side of the building.

He used the missing render on the wall as the fin and used black car spray paint for the rest of the shark’s body.

Tilly was shocked when she came out to see Martin’s unique repair job but has since fell in love with it and decided the shark can stay.

Martin posted pictures of his graffiti art on Facebook last Thursday, with the caption: “My wife asked me to fill in the missing piece of render from the shed wall. 

“Not sure if this is what she meant.”

The post now has almost 1000 likes, with dozens of people commenting on Martin’s creation. 

Sue Moody said: “Love it. ‘You’re going to need a bigger … shed’.” 

Becki Cross said: “Nice to see I’m not the only one who has discovered that they need to give their partner VERY clear instructions that can’t be taken literally. 

“Nice shark though”.

Fin in missing render - Art News UK
The top fin was created using the missing render.                                                                                      (C) Martin Pugh

Abigail Noble said: “What a huge improvement you have made, I love it”. 

And Steve Gore added: “Much the better idea. Well done indeed.”

Speaking today, Martin said: “My wife asked me to fill in the missing render as it looked unsightly. 

“The detail of ‘how’ the render should be ‘filled in’ was unclear.

“While assessing the task in hand I couldn’t help but notice the missing render looked fin shaped, just peeping out above the water. 

“With a bit of black car spray left, I couldn’t resist the temptation to slot in a shark.

“The wife said although it was not exactly what she requested she was happy with the end result.”

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