Monday, June 27, 2022
Top StoriesMan hit by bus in Edinburgh city centre

Man hit by bus in Edinburgh city centre

A MAN was struck by a bus on a busy road in Edinburgh city centre yesterday.
The pedestrian, aged between 30 and 40-years-old, was hit by a Lothian Buses number 30 on the corner of St Andrew’s Square and George Street. 
A witness who was on the bus at the time claimed the man attempted to run across the road in front of the bus before he was struck.

A man was hit by a bus at St Andrew's in the Square - Local News
Onlookers watch on as pedestrians help the man who was knocked over.

The man was conscious but was being treated at the side of the road by passengers of the bus.

He was placed in the recovery position until paramedics arrived at the scene with an ambulance.
Buses were queued up along both St Andrew’s Square and George Street as the man received treatment. 
One image shows the man lying in the recovery position next to the bus as a police officer speaks to bystanders. 

St Andrew's in the square was the location of the incident - Local News
The incident occurred at the junction of St Andrew’s Square and George Street.

Another image shows the man with his knee up being looked after by a passenger from the bus while waiting for emergency teams to arrive.
Speaking today, a witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I was on the bus and had my headphones on so wasn’t even paying attention.
“Then suddenly I heard a cry from the other passengers and the bus driver and just glanced up and saw the guy get knocked off his feet.
“It was a surreal situation – I’ve never been in an incident like that and I’m just hoping that whoever he is, is alright and that he’s not sustained any serious injuries.
“Literally as soon as it happened though we were all off the bus and two or three pedestrians had rushed over and seemed to put him in the recovery position.
“It was worrying seeing that as obviously you’re never quite sure how serious it is from a distance but it was reassuring to see so many people rush over and show such concern for a stranger.”

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