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Properties of Good Facing Bricks

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Good quality bricks are important for residential and commercial buildings. Since times immemorial, clay bricks were the most common material used to build houses because they offered strength and longevity. Today, a wide number of residential and commercial buildings are using facing bricks. Facing bricks represent the front side and the outer exterior wall of any building.

The importance of using facing bricks is that they offer a variety of designs and also look pleasing to the eyes along with having a spotless appearance.

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What are Facing Bricks?

As the name suggests, facing bricks comprises the exterior formation of any building along with being easily visible. Apart from this, facing bricks are designed to improve the overall presentation of the building and also look visually appealing.  

Many manufacturers produce facing bricks by using various techniques. One important advantage of using facing bricks is that they are readily available in home and building supply stores. The second advantage is that these facing bricks are customized based on special orders. For more details, you can even visit this webpage https://brickwholesale.co.uk/bricks/facing-bricks/.

Since they comprise the facing side of any building, therefore, facing bricks tend to be neat in visual appearance. Thus, one needs to carry out extensive research before purchasing facing bricks for your building since this is the first thing your visitors and guests will notice while approaching.

Characteristics of Facing Bricks

Facing bricks are available in various types, colors, sizes, and applications. Let us now discuss facing bricks in detail.

Types of Facing Bricks

  • Extruded Bricks – The other name for extruded bricks is wirecut bricks. The reason for this is that these bricks come in various textures such as rustication, sanded, glazed, roller textures, and even dragwired. Recently, these types of facing bricks are gaining wide popularity since they offer more uniformity in shape, size as compared to other soft mud and handmade bricks. These facing bricks also offer a modern look to your building along with being looking elegant.
  • Stock Bricks – Stock bricks are also referred to as softmud bricks because they are produced by using older techniques in brick manufacturing. Stock bricks are produced from the water struck and sand struck process, and these bricks are primarily used to decorate a building.
  1. Color

Facing bricks are available in one basic color, and that is a classic red. Apart from this, they are also available in various colors such as yellow, cream, blue, black, orange, brown, etc.

Applications of Facing Bricks

The common applications of facing bricks are:

  • Designing of exterior walls
  • Interior wall decoration
  • Fireplace
  • Garden walls
  • Cavity walls




Over time, facing bricks are gaining wide recognition among builders, architects for using them in facades, and various other buildings. Hence, make sure to consult with an architect, or your builder before picking the right texture, color, and application for your home.

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