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Why are Some People Far More Prone to Cavities When Compared to Others?

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Many people think that if they choose to floss and brush regularly, that they won’t get cavities at all. This is not the case, unfortunately, as brushing sometimes doesn’t have a whole lot to do with how many cavities you get. You can say thank you to your diet and your DNA for that. Brushing and flossing guidance has been given for quite some time now and if you look at the various controlled studies, you will see that the best way for you to try and stop yourself from getting cavities would be for you to try and stop eating as much sugar.

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Why Sugar is So Bad For You

At the end of the day, tooth decay can be correlated to the fact that western countries’ citizens have way too much sugar in their diet. If you cut off sugar then it’s safe to say that you can cut off the cavities. Cavities tend to be caused when you have bacteria that breaks down the sugar. When this happens, you may find that the sucrose gets stuck between your teeth and this is what causes decay. If you are consuming sugar then it’s safe to say that you are leaving yourself largely susceptible to tooth decay and all the issues associated with it. If you want to help yourself to combat cavities then it is wise for you to schedule a visit your local Langley dentist, so that you can count on them to help you to find any cavities that may be forming, well in advance. This will give you the chance to remedy the issue in the shortest space of time.


Did you know that some people are much more likely to succumb to sugar than others? There’s a genetic component that accounts for, on average, 33% of sugar. It relates to the shape of your teeth and also the amount of saliva that you have. Cavities are formed when you have bacterial sugar, which is fermented on your teeth. You also have existing holes in the teeth too. Some people have crevices on the surface of the teeth that are just naturally deep. Even though this is a very normal thing to have, it’s important to know that it makes it much easier for bacteria to get down and cause cavities in the long run.

If you learn that this is the case with you and that your teeth are decaying as a result then it is wise for you to try and look into sealants. This is a very simple procedure and when this happens, your dentist will seal any deep crevices in your teeth. This will stop any bacteria or even any sugar from getting in there. Even though there is absolutely no proof to say that brushing your teeth after you have snacked will keep cavities away, it doesn’t hurt. Not flossing can easily bring on heart disease, as it causes inflammation. You should not skip out on this step if you can. If you don’t feel as though you can give up sugar then try and take some fluoride toothpaste with you when you go out, so you can remedy the issue.

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