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Hilarious video shows punters tip pub bench after all sitting on same side

A HILARIOUS video shows three punters tipping a pub bench on top of them after deciding to all sit on the same side.
CCTV video shows the three regulars get into trouble while enjoying their pints at DeBruns at Humes Bar in Portlaoise, Ireland, last month.

The footage begins with two men sitting together on the same corner of a wooden table outside the pub.

A third man then walks over and joins them by placing his pint on the table and opting to sit on the same side as his friends instead of adjacent on the empty side.
Disaster then strikes as the bench quickly starts to tilt backwards due to the weight causing the drinks to slide and spill on the punters.
One of the pub-goers manages to make a quick escape but the other two are left lying flat on their backs with the table on top of them. 
The trio can then all be seen laughing as the man who managed to avoid falling helps lift the table back up off the ground. 
The men then get back up to their feet and appear to be okay as they continue to laugh away at the unfortunate incident. 
The CCTV screen was filmed by owner Stapo Brown on his phone as bar manager Emma Boyce can be heard in hysterics watching the chaos unfold. 
The video was shared on Facebook last week with the caption: “The lads in bits laughing is the best! Credit DeBruns at Humes Bar”.

Irish pub table tilting - UK and World News
The table suddenly began to fall backwards.                                                                              (C) DeBruns at Humes Bar

The video now has over 2.1 million views and 21,000 likes, with over 7,500 people commenting on the lads’ bad luck. 
Sam O’keeffe said: “Think it’s time to go home lads, call it a day.”
James Bentley said: “I’m so confused on why you would want to sit all on the same side.”
Ciaran Edelsten wrote: “The stupidity of not going to the other side tells you they deserved that.”

Irish pub table fell over - UK and World News
One man escaped but the other two were left sprawled on the ground.                                        (C) DeBruns at Humes Bar

Gareth Harding added: “And not one of them saved their beer… They should be ashamed.”
Speaking today pub owner Stapo Brown said: “We couldn’t stop laughing.
“It was hilarious. The lads who were in the video are regulars of ours so it made it even funnier. 
“When we first watched the CCTV we couldn’t breathe, we were laughing that much. 
“It’s great see the reaction the video got, the lads in the video are loving their claim to fame”.

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