Hilarious video shows woman’s petrified reaction dealing with huge spider


A HILARIOUS video shows a woman’s petrified reaction as she tries to deal with a huge spider in her house. 

Angela Dunlop was filmed trying to get rid of the spider after it was spotted creeping around her home last Tuesday. 

The video shows Angela, from Belfast, walking up the stairs before staring down the giant beastie.


Upon approaching the bug, Angela, a psychic medium, is freaked out by the unpredictability of the creature and is given toilet roll to try and grab it.

She can be seen getting into position to quickly snatch up the spider but hilariously loses her composure.

She gets exasperated at herself and lets out a large sign in anguish at her inability to deal with the terrifying spider.

But after taking several moments to compose herself, Angela eventually manages to capture the unwanted visitor in the loo roll with a swift grab.

She runs off screaming to the toilet with the spider in her hands before flushing it down the toilet.

Angela then runs out of the bathroom, clearly still spooked from the traumatic experience. 

The giant spider - Animal News UK
The spider was moving along the side of a bed.

Angela shared the video to Facebook on Sunday with the caption: “Give you all a laugh, watch until the end… me and spiders”. 

The post now has over 18,000 views and over 150 comments from humoured viewers.

Angela Willis said: “Brilliant. I wouldn’t have even went into the house, let alone the bedroom.”

Laura Ann said: “OMG Angela that thing belongs in a HORROR movie. Well done.

“Cannot believe you picked it up like that, I could never.”

Pamela Cross Wilson replied: “I dunno what’s going on with them this year, they’re huge.

“I think they have been on the ‘roids from last winter.”

And Jim Craig added: “Too funny.”