Hilarious doorbell security camera captures drunk man letting rip with fart


A HILARIOUS doorbell security camera video shows a drunk man stumbling up his driveway – before loudly farting at the door. 
Andrew Hyde was returning from a night on the town in Hyde, Greater Manchester, when he was caught letting rip on his Ring camera last month. 
The video shows Andrew stumbling along the driveway and fumbling around in his pockets trying to find his keys.

He makes his way to the door and appears to look through a window before eventually managing to unlock the front door.
However, drunken Andrew has great difficulty getting the key into the lock as he sways back and forth at the door. 

And while trying to get inside his house he can then be heard letting out a loud fart on the doorbell cam.

Andrew’s wife Rebecca, who often checks the doorbell camera footage after Andrew has a night out, was left in stitches when she watched the footage in the morning. 
Speaking today, Rebecca said: “When I saw the video at first I just turned it off, I didn’t watch it until the end.

Andrew Hyde seen unlocking door in doorbell footage
Andrew was trying to get his key in the lock when he loudly farted.                                                          (C) Rebecca Hyde

“But something told me to re-watch it because Andy’s known for getting caught doing funny things in videos.
“So I watched it and found that. 
“I have shown all my family and friends.”
This isn’t the only time Rebecca has found hilarious footage of Andrew on their doorbell camera after he’s had a night out. 
Earlier this month Andrew and two of his friends were filmed dancing in the driveway to “Men in Black” by Will Smith while peering into the doorbell camera.