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NewsRow as vandal posts public apology on the same post box they...

Row as vandal posts public apology on the same post box they painted yellow

A BIZARRE argument has erupted on the side of a postbox after a mystery vandal painted the box yellow.

Images were shared on Reddit on Sunday showing the postbox with three notes attached on Princess Road in the affluent area of Westbourne in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The larger of the notes is penned by the mysterious vandal – referred to only by the initial ‘E’ – apologising politely for painting the box.

Two more notes are taped parallel to it, and in typically British fashion, one angrily condemns the vandal for their actions, and the other appears accepting the apology.

The postbox with the vandal's apology note attached, and subsequent response notes from locals.
The postbox has been covered in notes from the vandal and locals.                                                         (C) Deadline News

According to a Reddit post on Sunday, the drama stems from the vandal painting the original red postbox a revolting yellow-green colour.

This paint supposedly splattered on a car parked behind it at the time.

This was discovered the previous weekend, before Royal Mail then wrapped the postbox in black plastic, sealing it off to the public.

A day later someone painted the front half of the wrapped post box red before passive aggressive notes began to appear on the box.

The postbox is situated on Princess Road, in the affluent area of Westbourne.
Princess Road in Westbourne, where the vandalised postbox is located.                                                   (C) Deadline News

The original note from ‘E’ reads: ‘Dear Westbourne Community, Sorry I made you lose your letterbox. Yours, E (not my real name). Note to Royal Mail: Please reinstate this box. Won’t do it again.”
One handwritten response read: “Dear local idiot! What an idle, thoughtless person you are! The elderly need this postbox! Karma is a b***h!”

A third note read: “Dear E, Thank you – they say ‘An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.’ This hopefully includes our mailbox, right @royalmail?”

The post has over 300 likes and 60 comments, with many users reacting in utter confusion to the whole fiasco.

Braford_Longflap said: “I’ve looked at the picture, I’ve read the comments and I still don’t understand what has happened.”

Harlaw2871 said: “Why would they paint it yellow though?”

Espardale added: “Why would one handwrite @royalmail? You can’t tag someone on paper!”

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