Thursday, June 30, 2022
BusinessBravo, Whisky Hotel - £400-a-night Glenmorangie House turned in to "sensory playground"

Bravo, Whisky Hotel – £400-a-night Glenmorangie House turned in to “sensory playground”

THE makers of Glenmorangie have turned their boutique hotel into what they claim is a sensory playground.

Glenmorangie House boasts “a technicolour aesthetic, flavour-inspired rooms and unforgettable adventures,” according to the firm.

Glenmorangie and interior “storymakers” Russell Sage Studio worked together on the makeover of the hotel, which is near the distillery outside Tain in the Highlands.

The making of the malt whisky is reflected in details throughout the hotel’s ground floor.

The dining room table features copper and is lit by molten-style candelabras, meant to echo the heat of copper stills.

The Morning Room features golden wallpaper, which the creators hope will evoke the sense of walking in a field of ripening barley.

The decoration of the hotel’s six bedrooms, which cost up to £410 a night, is also intended to remind guests of whisky.

The hotel has three two-bedroom cottages which have also received the sensory treatment, including furniture made of oak casks.

Glenmorangie boss Thomas Moradpour said: “I believe we have crafted the most wonderful and unexpected travel experience, just waiting to be shared and enjoyed with our guests.”

Russell Sage said he wanted to bring a sense of  “luxurious fun” to the project.

“From knitted cakes to bespoke candles, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy.”

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