That’ll Bru – Hilarious video shows Scots homeowner measuring up new fridge with Irn-Bru


A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots homeowner measuring the space in her potential new fridge with a bottle of Irn-Bru and a milk carton.

Abby Trainor was filmed shopping for a fridge at Currys yesterday for her new home in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

The 29-year-old can be seen placing a four pint milk carton in the fridge door as her boyfriend William Dennison, 30, is heard laughing in the background.

In true Scots fashion, Abby then pulls a half-drank two litre bottle of Irn-Bru from her bag and places it alongside the milk.

She then attempts to close the fridge – a Samsung model priced at £460 – but the two litre Irn-Bru bottle is too big for the fridge and causes the door to bounce back open.

The Scots couple can then be heard bursting out laughing before deciding to buy the fridge anyway.

William posted the video onto Twitter yesterday (WED), writing: “Buying a house has actually turned her mental, she’s brought milk & Irn-Bru into Currys to see if it fits in the fridge she wants.”

The post has gained over 12,500 likes and hundreds of comments from viewers who were left in stitches by Abby’s size-testing.

@rangersbrs wrote: “Guy a (sic) work with took a slice of Warburtons to see if it fits in the toaster on its side.

“Took one back that didn’t fit. So took a slice of bread to size the new one.”

@BillyMcDiarmid said: “Tbh she’s 100% right to do this.”

@Bohemian_Rebel added: “As someone who has a fridge that doesn’t fit the f***ing milk in – genius idea!”

@dud0681 replied: “Brilliant, the fact the Irn-Bru’s been opened makes it somehow funnier!”

Whilst @botnik54 simply said: “Daft but also brilliant”

Abby Trainor and her boyfriend William Dennison, who have just purchased a house together in East Kilbride.
Abby Trainor with boyfriend William Dennison                                                                                    (C) William Dennison

Speaking today, William said: “We just bought a house about a month ago and Abby was looking online for fridges etc and she saw a review for the fridge that she liked.

“Someone said that you could barely fit milk into the fridge so she wanted to actually go into Currys with milk to try it out.

“Then, she ended up taking an opened bottle of Irn-Bru for some reason – I just pretended it was totally okay and the normal thing to do!”