Pigeon released back into the wild only to fly head first into patio door


AN UNFORTUNATE video has captured the moment an injured pigeon was released back into the wild – only to fly head first into a patio door. 

Marc Parker was “traumatised” by the incident in his garden in , on Tuesday which resulted in the poor bird’s death.

The 36-year-old had been looking after the bird with his wife Katie Parker, 37, and daughter Millie, 7, after finding it unable to fly in his garden on Saturday.

Millie filmed her dad Marc, a vehicle paint technician, holding his feathered friend in a towel as he prepared to send him back out into the wild. 

He is shown walking to the end of the garden, leaving plenty of space for the bird, that they nicknamed ‘Pidge’, to fly off. 

The bird is then filmed shooting out of Marc’s hands and spreading its wings as it begins to soar through the air to the family’s delight.

However, tragedy strikes when the pigeon meets its fate and flies head first into the glass patio doors.

A loud thud can be heard from the impact before the bird drops lifelessly to the ground.

Marc then runs over to check on the condition of the bird, whilst Millie can be heard asking: “Is it okay? Is it alive?” 

To which Marc ominously replies: “Oh no…” 

Katie shared the video onto Facebook yesterday, writing: “On Saturday we rescued a poorly pigeon who was in our garden and couldn’t fly. 

“We put him in a box in the utility room, called him Pidge, and gave him some food and water. 

The pigeon flying through the air
The pigeon tragically collided with the clear window just moments after take off.

“Each day since we’ve got him out to see if he could fly. Yesterday it finally looked like he was going to fly away!

“He didn’t fly away. Marc and Millie are absolutely traumatised! 

“He realises he should’ve probably been facing the other way!! Millie was filming this.

“RIP Pidge.”

The video has since attracted over 500,000 views and more than 13,000 comments from social media users who laughed at the calamitous nature of the clip.

Livvie McCaskill said: “I would be heartbroken.”

Christine ‘Beano’ Denys asked: “Why would you let it off towards the house though?” 

Dave Kendrick replied: “It’s good that you tried to release the bird, maybe it needed a bit longer.”

Jack Draper added: “Best thing I’ve seen in a long time.”