Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveals new three year strategy plan


THE Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has revealed the Chamber’s new three year strategy plan. 

The Board of Directors of the Chamber approved the strategy which focusses to support the business sectors by increasing competitiveness and enhancing the effectiveness of the business community

The new strategy includes innovative plans that aim to achieve a paradigm shift in the SCCI’s performance, work system, services, and support for the business community. 

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry board of directors
The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors.

The Chamber, based in the United Arab Emirates, have also outlined a variety of goals including developing and diversifying the emirate’s exports. 

It also aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of economic studies to serve the interests of members and investors.

By acknowledging relevant research the plan focuses to develop a supportive environment for the growth and prosperity of entrepreneurship and develop infrastructure projects.

Speaking today, Chairman of SCCI, Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, said: “The SCCI embraces the strategic planning as a permanent work approach for to foresee the future and develop its performance and services in order to effectively contribute to advancing the sustainable growth in Sharjah and diversifying its economy.” 

He went on to underlined that the Chamber is committed to harnessing all capabilities to spur and support the private sector to keep pace with global changes. 

Director General, Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al-Awadi, highlighted that the SCCI will do its utmost to launch new and innovative initiatives and programs to stimulate the private sector to increase its efficiency and competitiveness.